Sorry it's been so quiet around here...

Thursday, January 27, 2005
things have been so very busy - here and at home and now at school!!!

Work - well, I have been made a team lead and my team is basically all new people. The one that has been there the longest has only about two months working with us. So, I have been trying to get into my new role and train along the way. I have also been assigned to a testing team for some new software we're going to be implementing which is going to take a lot of my time, plus I have been working with the divestiture team b/c of the big sale we've had recently. This sale closed down one of our office, well is closing down on of our offices where I had a counterpart - so that means, I'm IT for our group now. So, I'm the only one left for offshore where we had about five or will be at the end of the month - which is always the busiest time for me. So, yeah you could say I've been a little busy. One good thing is that my counterpart from Louisiana is a friend of mine, so as I transition into that role I know I'll be able to call on her for help b/c she is great at what she does and it's going to be hard without her.

Home - Michael and I have been working on getting things around here just like we want them. We have been getting little finishing touches here and there - barstools, curtains, rugs, vases, etc...we have also been developing our green thumbs. We have been doing a lot of gardening lately. The front flower bed has made a total transition since we moved and we have added a new one in the back. Yesterday we decided we're going to join the two trees in our front yard with another one. We've also had our security system installed and have bought gas logs for our fireplace - we're still waiting on those, though!

School - Yeah, that's a new one. I am in graduate school now...and am basically relearning accounting!! When you work on accounting sytems all the time you tend to forget what is actually going on behind the scenes. Now that I am having to do it all by hand again I am having to more or less retrain my brain!!! It's going to be a lot of work, but I am excited about it!

Well, I'm tired I think I am going to go to sleep. At leats tomorrow is Friday - it isn't my Friday off, but all Fridays are good now b/c if I am not off I still get to leave an hour early...though this entire week I haven't let on time once! More like I have stayed a little later each night!!!