Is it Friday yet???

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Yesterday seemed to last FOR-EV-ER. Michael even said the same thing. Maybe it was the dreary weather, who knows. Today, though is a different story. It isn't moving by at the speed of light or anything, but I didn't have time to breathe all morning. I'm eating lunch at my desk (which I often to) which is why I have time to be posting now.

We have a rotational accountant who is going to be in our group training this week...yeah, I knew she was coming, but had no idea it was today. So, a lot of this morning was spent with her. Then another analyst teamed up with me to train her, but I had a rep come in (unexpectedly) so I had to leave them to the training alone...then my boss handed a few things off on me an informed me that we had a team of 14 auditors coming in next week to audit our recent sell of properties to their company!!! Okay...didn't see that one coming. Well, to be honest, I knew it would have to happen sooner or later, but was so expecting it to be later rather than NOW!

So...I have been finishing up reports for the remainder of my morning, but in protest am taking my lunch break to sit and enjoy a few moments to myself. I really should shut my door even, but I think everyone else went outside walking.

Several people up here have started walking at lunch and while I know that I should/need to be out there with them I haven't as of yet. There is a guy I watch walk the roof of the parking garage every day. I don't know how many times he goes around, but he's out there nearly the entire hour. That would be a cool walk b/c you would have a neat view of everything!