Happy Birthday Darling

Monday, January 10, 2005
(one day late)!! Yesterday was Michael's 28th birthday! My mother and grannie, Michael's parents, brothers and their fiancé and girlfriends came over and we had a birthday dinner (lasagna & salad & garlic bread) and birthday cake to celebrate! I think Michael had a really good time!!! He had all the guys upstairs playing pool much of the time. That's the first time we have really had anyone over to just visit - before it was to help move! I really enjoyed being able to entertain/hostess for the evening!

Lennar finished all the work on our bathroom on Friday afternoon...and even though I am very pleased with the speed and good job they did, I have to say that on Friday I wasn't very happy! I told them I would be home from noon until three and that I had to leave at three. Well, our plans changed and I was able to stay a little later, which was a good thing, b/c the painters didn't get there until 3:30 to texture the ceiling! Michael was livid...and I wasn't too happy either! The texturing only took about ten minutes, but it had to dry for an hour before they could paint it. If they had been there when they were supposed to they could have been painting by 1:30 - as it was, they didn't come to paint until 4:30 so we couldn't leave until after 5:00. At least it all got done, though b/c at first they said we would have to wait until Saturday for them to paint it...Michael was not happy to hear that, but since everything worked out, I'm happy! You cannot even tell any work was done in the bathroom. I took my mother and Michael's parents in to see if they could tell where the work was done and none of them could!

Well, it's back to work now...hope you had a good weekend!