Can I find another excuse???

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Well, it's the New Year and with that comes, I don't make them. Mainly b/c I have never kept one. So this year is no different. I am not going to make any New Year's Resolutions, but I might ride along on someone else's!!!

Christine started her own weight loss journal and webring for it. Her site is a challenge to lose 5 pounds a month in 2005. That's a pretty realistic goal and rather short term, too. It's easier to obtain and easier to stick with so I figure if I just take it one month at a time there's a good chance that I'll be a bit more successful this year than in 2004.

We had some errands to run yesterday and while we were out we ate chicken...yes, it was fried. Not good diet food I know. On the way home we passed a couple walking and Michael said, "That should be us..." and he's right. We said once we moved we were going to start walking and we haven't yet. Tonight we can't b/c we're going to the hospital to see his grandfather. So, that's puts us off until Thursday...right now I don't know of anything going on so hopefully we'll get out there. One thing about being in the house as opposed to the apartment, though is that we don't just come home and sit. Yesterday we were outside for a good two hours before we left...planting flowers, doing things in the back yard, picking up after the dogs (peee-uuu), and just moving. It's nice to get outdoors at home to do things. We only had a little patio in the apartment and we never went out there. And once we get the fence put up to contain the dogs in their own little section I'll be able to do a lot more in the back yard. Right now it's mostly just cleaning up back there after them!!!

So...though it isn't my new year's resolution, I am shooting to work month by month to lose 5 pounds each month. And I know Christine will be keeping tabs on me!!!

Update: Well, we can't go to the hospital tonight, so maybe we'll be able to walk tonight afterall...I'll let you know tomorrow!