Sunday, December 26, 2004

What a wonderful Christmas present...

nope, I'm not talking about our house (but that is WONDERFUL, too) - SNOW!!!! Houston had snow, beautiful, white snow!!! We abandoned our dinner when we saw how much it was coming down and stayed outside and had snowball fights and built little snowmen!! Yep - we had that much! We swept it off the tops of cars to do that, but we did it and that's the point!!! You can see all the pictures here, but this was my favorite!

click for larger image...
kissing in the snow...

It only lasted for Christmas Eve, but it was so great! No one even wanted to come in to open presents. We filled cups and the boys had snowcones, too! After leaving Michael's grandparents' house we made a trip by starbucks before going to his parents' house with his brother and girlfriend and got apple cider and cocoa...while we were inside the place filled up with firemen! I asked if they brought the whole station over and was informed it was two stations!! They couldn't all fit inside the place at one time! I guess they all loaded up on the firetruck and were out for a Christmas Eve ride!!!! Though he did say they had been out for two house fires which, thankfully, turned out to be false alarms!

We also had two engagements this Christmas. Michael's brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve and my niece got engaged on Christmas Day! Definitely put you in the holiday spirit! Congratulations to all four of you!!!

It was such a beautiful evening and so great to have snow for Christmas!!!

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