We have a close date set...

Thursday, December 02, 2004
the 23rd we go for our first walk through, then on the 28th we go for our final walk through, and we close on the 29th! I can't wait! We didn't make Christmas like I thought we might, but at least we made 2004...barely!!! At least we'll be able to file right away for our homestead exemption and not have to wait an entire year!

Elaine came by for lunch today and picked me up and we drove out to the house. We now have countertops, vanities, and sod in the backyard! It's really coming together!!! I can't believe how much they get done between all of our trips out there - and we go quite a bit. At least twice a week now! I assume they are used to people coming out b/c they never seem surprised or bothered when we walk in!

And as promised, here is a picture of our first tree:

click for larger image...

This is actually the top out of a cedar tree we found behind my uncle's house in East Texas. I have only had a live tree once, from a tree farm & Michael has never had a live tree - so we thought it would be fun for this year! We haven't decorated it yet, as you can tell, b/c we haven't had a chance to get our decorations out of storage. It seems silly to be unpacking when we should be starting to pack, but we can't have a bare tree either! I told Michael we should pop & string popcorn, but then I thought otherwise b/c I figured Ace & Orea would think they had an endless supply of treats or something! Maybe next Christmas when we're in the house and the dogs are in the back yard we'll try that again!!!

Today is December 2nd - two months since we got married already! And in just one month 2005 will be here. Time is passing so quickly it seems - but then the holiday season is always like that! Gone before you know it! We're having our big family Christmas next weekend and I have to get my homemade gift made before then...after it's over I'll show you what I made! We play "The Game" every year and a few years back started playing it with homemade gifts! Then the next weekend I have a wedding to attend back in East Texas so I have to get a gift for that, too. So, I'll be up there two weekends in a row! Then it's Christmas...we'll be here in Houston for that. Then the next weekend we'll be moving! Phew...another month with every weekend planned. I haven't had one of those in a while.