We have carpet!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004
I went by the house yesterday (no, I didn't have my camera) and we have carpet!! And blinds!!! Although, the blinds in the dining room are going to have to be replaced. They looked like one side of them had been crushed. If it isn't corrected by our first walk through that will definitely be something we ask to have replaced.

Now, all that's left is to replace and brick the column on the back porch (we asked for a new one b/c the 6x6 was split), to put in the AC unit, to finish the banister on the stairs, and in our bathroom my vanity needs to be finished. And, of course, the appliances need to be put in!!! We're almost there. One week from today we'll be going through our walk through!!! Yesterday our neighbors were having their walk through I believe. The builder and inspector were there with them. There are still several around us that are available. Only about half have been sold.

Update: I started this post early this morning and didn't have time to finish it. But, it's afternoon now and a coworker and I met EJ at the house! The AC is in now! And the security system! And I met our new neighbors! They just closed today and seem very nice. They look about our age, but have two little girls - the girls weren't with them, though. I don't think they are going to move in until after the holidays, though - so we might be moving in at the same time!! It's nice to have already met someone, though! Another coworker lives in the subdivision on the opposite side and I have had people tell me they knew others that lived there, too!

It's getting close and I am getting anxious! Michael and I are meeting there tonight so he can see it all, too! I still won't have my camera, but we'll make a stop by there this weekend sometime and take pictures in hopefully better weather conditions!