We had a pretty emotional weekend.

Sunday, December 05, 2004
Friday Michael left straight from work to head out to the deer lease. I got home, took care of the dogs, and started on my list of things I had to get done for the evening. After taking care of some stuff and fixing a quick dinner I sat down to watch television - not long after that my mother called to tell me that my Grannie had been taken to the emergency room.

Okay, let me give you some background: My Grannie turned 90 years old this August and since I have been alive I can't remember once that she has been to the hospital. Before I was born she had to have surgery - but that was nearly 30 years ago. Since then she has only had to go in for annual check ups and had to fight the occasional kidney infection or winter cold. Those are her two biggest enemies! Also, next to my mother, I am closer to my Grannie than anyone. I talk to her almost daily and go visit whenever I can. I was the youngest grandchild growing up and stayed alone with my grandparents a lot. All the other kids were either teenagers or grown and had their own families by that time.

So...you can see that though to some hearing your 90 year old Grannie had to be taken to the emergency room might not be a huge shocker, but for me it was tragic. I was scared to death and at the time couldn't do anything, but sit by the phone (this is all going on in East Texas). Apparently, Grannie had been writing out Christmas cards and suddenly started to feel dizzy and sick to her stomach. She tried to call someone, but couldn't get anyone on the phone. That got her scared...she finally got mother's cousin on the phone and she came down to see about her. She took Grannie's blood pressure to find that it was 200 over 80, incredibly high (oh, also the only medication that Grannie takes is half a blood pressure pill every day - she doesn't even have to wear her glasses to see & read). Not being able to reach anyone had scared her and then seeing how high her BP was really scared her more...she got more dizzy and more sick to her stomach. Finally my aunt and uncle came down and they took her to the emergency room.

It was about that time that my mother got the phone call and then she called me to let me know. When the doctor finally got to see Grannie, her BP was closer to normal. They did a CT Scan (wanted to rule out a stroke), which came back normal and took some blood. The blood work showed that her white blood cells were incredibly high, which means she had an infection, though they didn't know where. Finally she was admitted to a room. The next morning we drove up early to see her. She was just coming back from an MRI, which also came back normal (again, still wanting to make sure it wasn't a stroke). The only thing they could find wrong with her was her high count of white blood cells, but still couldn't find the infection. She was put on antibiotics for one day and it brought the count down, but yesterday when they finally let her go home the count was back up and the didn't send her home with any antibiotics, which didn't sound right to me. Her doctor wasn't on call all weekend, so today he'll have to be brought up to speed about what's going on. I am sure she'll see him either today or tomorrow for some more tests or to be put on an antibiotic for the infection, whatever it is.

She might have to add one more pill to her daily intake after this, though. She gets dizzy from time to time and antivert, which treats vertigo helps with the dizziness. And, it might be time she quit staying all alone, too. Yes, she still lives alone and takes care of herself. My uncle (her son) lives about two minutes away, but that is still too far when she can't get him on the phone. She is very careful, she has never fallen; that seems to be the most common scare of older people staying alone. She is still able to do everything for herself with no trouble. She doesn't drive, never has really, so she always has people calling her to see if she needs a ride to church or wherever. I swear, she is on the go more than we are!!!

It was a scary weekend, but I am so glad it turned out to be nothing serious. Mother said, maybe this happened b/c of whatever infection she had. It might have gone undetected for a while - maybe for too long - before it was taken care of. This way, at least they'll be looking for it and how to treat it. I am glad we got to see her on Saturday, too. I sat in bed with her the whole time we were there. I think she was happy we were there.

Mother called me yesterday to let me know that they had sent her home...she is staying with my aunt and uncle right now. I'll call later in the day to talk to her. When we left her at the hospital she was looking so much better. She ate a good lunch and her faced had pinked up again - when she came back from the MRI her face was all gray and she didn't respond too much. I am sure it had been so cold in there.

So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you updated about her. She is such a wonderful lady - most of the people in town, even if they aren't related to her - call her Grannie or Aunt. She touhes everyone she meets in such a special way that you would never forget her if you met her.