So good!

Monday, December 06, 2004
Well, I made it through yesterday without any sweets or cokes! I had tea sweetened with Sweet 'n Low and even though I really, really wanted dessert I passed...and though I wanted cookies at home I passed...and then realized I really didn't want them that bad when it wasn't a big deal to pass them up! We ate Mexican food last night so I did have chips, but the bit of cheese on my meal was the only bad thing and I didn't finish half my plate so I was okay there, too! Today for lunch I have left stew that I had made at home...

Water - that's what I really need to load up on! I haven't been drinking more than one glass of water daily! It's a bigger glass than just 8 ounces, but it still isn't enough. I heard once that you should divide you weight by two and that's how many ounces of water you should drink everyday! Man - that's a lot of water!!!! :) I have been taking allergy medicine and it actually suppresses my appetite some and makes my mouth dry so that I am actually more thirsty. Of course, that isn't why I am taking it, but if it curbs my food intake then that's a plus and will help me get over the hump of starting all over again!

No one else in my family is really that big and a few of them have gone through a major weight loss recently so my over-weight is like a big billboard all over the place when the family gets together! You think it's b/c I am sensitive, but it fact that isn't the case! They actually make comments - the most recent, my aunt talking about a fat doctor - "He's bigger than you think you're big, not compared to him!" And my deer sweet Grannie is the worst. She doesn't mean to be so blunt, but she will tell me about the show she saw on TV about how it's hard for obese women to have babies...and my parents who don't watch anything they put in their mouth will point out that I "don't need that" when I go to take a taste of something sweet! They have never dieted in their lives! They aren't huge, but like me could definitely stand to lose a few pounds! I would like to lose fifty! I think that I would put me on the low end of where I should be actually. I have a lot of muscle on my frame and don't want to lose that so dropping fifty pounds might be hard if I want to retain the muscle. I don't know. We'll just see what happens!

I need to research and see where my ideal weight should be!