Now it seems I have a little help!

Thursday, December 16, 2004
Last night Michael told me we needed to lose some weight...heh, big surprise! Yeah, we both got the bride & groom spread! Well, that's good...if he's on the same page as me it will make it much easier for me. It is easy if he's eating fried food or cookies if I have to abstain. After dinner last night he said he was tired of feeling like this (too full) and announced that from that moment we were going on a diet! After we move I want us to start walking/jogging around the subdivision in the evenings after we get home from work. That will be a good way to not only get in some cardio, but also to meet some of our neighbors, too!

Today is his Christmas luncheon at work so I reminded him to stay away from the sweets. And this morning I started to reach for the goodies on my desk and reminded myself that WE were staying away and I didn't touch them!