Not doing to well at all!

Monday, December 20, 2004
Nope...not at all! Granted, I've been staying away from the soft drinks, though I'll still have a sip of Michael's sometimes at dinner, but never more than a sip. I get my water like a good little girl and drink down several glasses with my meals. And speaking of meals, they have been good and healthy. We did have fried chicken one night, but I limited how much of it I ate. And while I can say that I have lowered my sweet intake, I have still have sweet intake, which I should have cut out 100%! Michael and I have promised that we're going to start walking/jogging once we get moved and we plan on sticking to that. Again...that's the plan!

I guess it's good that I have cut back on the sweets, but I haven't cut it out the way someone wanting/needing to lose weight should have. We put all the sweets up and said we were going to take them to our family gatherings - let them all pig out on them!!! Last night, though, Michael brought each of us an ice cream sandwhich, which I gratefully ate. And today, someome brought oatmeal walnut cookies - and I have had THREE! Sheesh!

I agree with Elaine that it is hard to start something like this during the holidays, but at the same time I can think of an excuse for it at any time, too! Just give me one good reason not to worry about it and I will...which is so not like me. I have always cared and paid attention to it before. Well, maybe "move-in" will be a better time to officially get started, though I can keep working on it now, too!