It was our Christmas Party!

Friday, December 10, 2004
Yeah, that's a good excuse, huh??? This is why it's so hard to start getting strict during the holidaze! We had our Christmas Luncheon for work on Wednesday at Pappadeaux. Dinner was delicious and then we were served dessert...yes, I had one, but I only ate half. Granted it was half a piece of Praline Cheesecake - should have only had one bite! Other than that I have warded off all temptations. And today at lunch I drank diet instead of regular coke, just added a bit of lemon to it! I don't know why, but my taste for diet coke comes and goes. Sometimes I can drink it fine and it even keeps my stomach full, but other times I can't even get it down. Usually out of the fountain is better, except at Sonic. For some reason their diet coke tastes very, very bad!

Tomorrow is our family Christmas get-together up in East Texas. We're doing brisket, chicken, sausage, beans, & potato salad this year - hey, we're in Texas, BBQ is big! Now don't get me wrong, I do like BBQ, but it isn't something that I got back for thirds and fourths hopefully it won't be a binging weekend for me. Sweets? Yeah, there will be buttermilk pies, pecan pies, brownies...the works, but again, I am going to be on-guard all weekend! Make sure I keep a big glass of something to drink in my hand at all times and hopefully I'll be alright! Like I said, lately it has been dessert that has broken me. I don't know why b/c before I was never a big sweet eater. I didn't have a hard time staying away from the sugars. I guess our tastes change from time to time...

I know it isn't good for my migraines to eat too much sugar that'll be another advantage to avoiding them. I have been fighting bad migraines for the past three days. Yesterday was the climax. I ended up having to leave work early b/c could barely hold my head up. My coworker offered to drive me home, but I said no. Half way home I was wishing I had taken her up on the offer, but I made it none the less. When I got home I went straight to bed and was there for the rest of the night with the exception of getting up a few times to get sick. Yuck! Today, I just feel hungover. The day after a bad migraine my head always feels sore. Like it was injured or something. It's got better as the day has gone on, but is still lingering. I just hope it goes away 100% so that I can enjoy the weekend...and especially if the weather stays as beautiful as it is right now!!