Ack! I haven't got my Christmas shopping done!

Sunday, December 12, 2004
We went to shop last night, but Michael and I shop rather differently! He wants to pick up the first thing he sees and check out and be done with it! I have to look - so, new shopping plan! I am doing it all on my own! As a matter of fact I am going to try to get some done during lunch today. I really don't like Christmas shopping...not b/c I don't like getting gifts for people, but I am not one of these that has it all done before the summer is over. I have never done things way ahead of time, but I have always got them done!! Christmas shopping is different, though. It's hard to shop when you have 46763189 other people trying to do the same thing!Sheesh! Maybe since we'll have more storage once we move (16 more days!!!) I will try to buy early. My problem is I can't keep things. If I buy you something I want to give it to you right away...maybe hiding it in a closet somewhere will keep me from doing that and now I'll actually have those closets to hide things in...from myself!