Sunday, December 26, 2004

What a wonderful Christmas present...

nope, I'm not talking about our house (but that is WONDERFUL, too) - SNOW!!!! Houston had snow, beautiful, white snow!!! We abandoned our dinner when we saw how much it was coming down and stayed outside and had snowball fights and built little snowmen!! Yep - we had that much! We swept it off the tops of cars to do that, but we did it and that's the point!!! You can see all the pictures here, but this was my favorite!

click for larger image...
kissing in the snow...

It only lasted for Christmas Eve, but it was so great! No one even wanted to come in to open presents. We filled cups and the boys had snowcones, too! After leaving Michael's grandparents' house we made a trip by starbucks before going to his parents' house with his brother and girlfriend and got apple cider and cocoa...while we were inside the place filled up with firemen! I asked if they brought the whole station over and was informed it was two stations!! They couldn't all fit inside the place at one time! I guess they all loaded up on the firetruck and were out for a Christmas Eve ride!!!! Though he did say they had been out for two house fires which, thankfully, turned out to be false alarms!

We also had two engagements this Christmas. Michael's brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve and my niece got engaged on Christmas Day! Definitely put you in the holiday spirit! Congratulations to all four of you!!!

It was such a beautiful evening and so great to have snow for Christmas!!!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Attention muggles: Harry Potter VI due July 16

Finally!! About four years ago I read the first of the Harry Potter series and loved it! I couldn't put it down until I had finished. It was the same with all of them. Now, eight years after the first one was written, the sixth book is finally here...well, almost! The first four years a new book came out each year...then J.K. Rowling took three years to get the fifth book out. Now, two years have gone by, but she's finally got book six out. There should be seven books all together, I believe, for Harry's seven years at Hogwarts. These are supposed to be children's books, but I know a lot of adults who are as addicted to them as me!!!

So...I was very happy to see the article this morning with a release date for the newest Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! If you're a fan like I am you can also set up a reminder with Amazon so they'll notify you when the book is available!

Not doing to well at all!

Nope...not at all! Granted, I've been staying away from the soft drinks, though I'll still have a sip of Michael's sometimes at dinner, but never more than a sip. I get my water like a good little girl and drink down several glasses with my meals. And speaking of meals, they have been good and healthy. We did have fried chicken one night, but I limited how much of it I ate. And while I can say that I have lowered my sweet intake, I have still have sweet intake, which I should have cut out 100%! Michael and I have promised that we're going to start walking/jogging once we get moved and we plan on sticking to that. Again...that's the plan!

I guess it's good that I have cut back on the sweets, but I haven't cut it out the way someone wanting/needing to lose weight should have. We put all the sweets up and said we were going to take them to our family gatherings - let them all pig out on them!!! Last night, though, Michael brought each of us an ice cream sandwhich, which I gratefully ate. And today, someome brought oatmeal walnut cookies - and I have had THREE! Sheesh!

I agree with Elaine that it is hard to start something like this during the holidays, but at the same time I can think of an excuse for it at any time, too! Just give me one good reason not to worry about it and I will...which is so not like me. I have always cared and paid attention to it before. Well, maybe "move-in" will be a better time to officially get started, though I can keep working on it now, too!

I added a new category to our wedding site...

Grannie's Prayer. My Grannie wrote this for me and Michael on our wedding day and my niece/bridesmaid read it to us during the ceremony with Grannie standing by her side.

I have another poem that a friend from High School wrote for me and Michael, too. It's still at my mother's and everytime I go over I forget to pick it up. I'll have to make sure when I am over there again to get it so that I can post it, too!

Grannie's Prayer

Congratulations Michael and Hanna on your Wedding Day!

Marriage is expressing your sacred vows in the beautiful language of love.
Marriage is sacred because God instituted it and He blessed the home when He made a man and a woman to love and help each other and to have fellowship with Him.
He placed them in a beautiful garden to live and enjoy His creation.

The greatest decision in your life is to trust and accept Jesus as your Savior.
The second greatest decision is choosing whom you will marry. Both decisions will make changes in your daily lives.

Love comes from God because God is love.
The more you love and obey God, the happier your home will be.
Build a circle of love around your home.
Marriage is a life of sharing and love gives you the ability to share.
Love is trusting and understanding.
Love is giving and forgiving. And love strengthens each other.
Love is committing your best to your spouse to reach their best potential in life.
Love helps you discuss everything together honestly, to consider each other's feelings, to be a comfort by having compassion.
Laugh together, work together, pray together, and respect each other.

Michael and Hanna, your love twinkles like the stars,
Shines like the moon that drives out the darkness,
Radiates like the sun that keeps a warm glow in your hearts.
Be imitators of God as dearly loved children and live a life of love.
Christ loved us and gave Himself for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Michael and Hanna, you are a happy pair.
I can hear music in the air and wedding bells ringing.
Keep love glowing and growing in your hearts
Like Cupid with his darts.

God bless you as you say "I Do"
I wish for you a long and happy life together.
May your home be blessed with children to love.
When you grow older, may God bless you with grand children to cherish.
As you look back over your life, precious memories will gladden your hearts.

This is my prayer for you.

With my love,
Grannie Wells

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Now it seems I have a little help!

Last night Michael told me we needed to lose some weight...heh, big surprise! Yeah, we both got the bride & groom spread! Well, that's good...if he's on the same page as me it will make it much easier for me. It is easy if he's eating fried food or cookies if I have to abstain. After dinner last night he said he was tired of feeling like this (too full) and announced that from that moment we were going on a diet! After we move I want us to start walking/jogging around the subdivision in the evenings after we get home from work. That will be a good way to not only get in some cardio, but also to meet some of our neighbors, too!

Today is his Christmas luncheon at work so I reminded him to stay away from the sweets. And this morning I started to reach for the goodies on my desk and reminded myself that WE were staying away and I didn't touch them!

Joy! Joy! More training...

we're all having to go through different stages of training for some new procedures here at work. And when I say all, I mean ALL, even our CEO! Well, today I have to go again...there are a few different stages of the training. I think this is the last time I'll have to go, though. I'll be in there from 8:30 till 11:30 today. A coworker and I decided to team up for this one. Last time we did a lot of "group work" in the training. This time I am told we have to do some role playing, so she and I decided we'd rather do that with someone that we know!!! It should be pretty interesting!

So...I have some things to clear off my desk before I head over! Have a good Friday!

We have carpet!!!

I went by the house yesterday (no, I didn't have my camera) and we have carpet!! And blinds!!! Although, the blinds in the dining room are going to have to be replaced. They looked like one side of them had been crushed. If it isn't corrected by our first walk through that will definitely be something we ask to have replaced.

Now, all that's left is to replace and brick the column on the back porch (we asked for a new one b/c the 6x6 was split), to put in the AC unit, to finish the banister on the stairs, and in our bathroom my vanity needs to be finished. And, of course, the appliances need to be put in!!! We're almost there. One week from today we'll be going through our walk through!!! Yesterday our neighbors were having their walk through I believe. The builder and inspector were there with them. There are still several around us that are available. Only about half have been sold.

Update: I started this post early this morning and didn't have time to finish it. But, it's afternoon now and a coworker and I met EJ at the house! The AC is in now! And the security system! And I met our new neighbors! They just closed today and seem very nice. They look about our age, but have two little girls - the girls weren't with them, though. I don't think they are going to move in until after the holidays, though - so we might be moving in at the same time!! It's nice to have already met someone, though! Another coworker lives in the subdivision on the opposite side and I have had people tell me they knew others that lived there, too!

It's getting close and I am getting anxious! Michael and I are meeting there tonight so he can see it all, too! I still won't have my camera, but we'll make a stop by there this weekend sometime and take pictures in hopefully better weather conditions!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We must be getting old!

Last night Michael and I had such a good time. We went out for dinner to celebrate Elaine's birthday! We had a nice group and it was so nice to get to see everyone. I don't get to see the "gaggle" nearly as much as I used to. There is just so much going on every weekend it seems and during the week it's really in point: last night driving home Michael was dozing and I could barely see the road for yawning every ten seconds!!! Usually during the week I am in bed around 10:00, sometimes earlier. And on nights where I am up later I can really tell it in the morning. I can't believe that. I am only 27 years old...and just two years ago it was nothing for me to be out all weekend, all night long, and get up the next day as if I had slept for 8 solid hours! I guess my body has just got out of the habit, b/c I know it can't be b/c I am old! was definitely worth it last night b/c we had great food and great company! I hope you really enjoyed your birthday Elaine!!!! The Melting Pot is such a treat, too! It's nice to celebrate with friends at a place that's so much fun as well as yummy!

Also...I have added a new feature to my sidebar: look to the left, all the way down. "This Day in History" - I thought it would be cool to have a little history to read everyday! I have my "Past Posts", which I read every day, but this is neat, too. Nothing TOO interesting today that would make you say, "Holy Cow...that happened on this day in that year...", but still interesting nonetheless!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Happy Birthday!


Today is Cybertoad's 31st Birthday! Go wish her a good one!

Ack! I haven't got my Christmas shopping done!

We went to shop last night, but Michael and I shop rather differently! He wants to pick up the first thing he sees and check out and be done with it! I have to look - so, new shopping plan! I am doing it all on my own! As a matter of fact I am going to try to get some done during lunch today. I really don't like Christmas shopping...not b/c I don't like getting gifts for people, but I am not one of these that has it all done before the summer is over. I have never done things way ahead of time, but I have always got them done!! Christmas shopping is different, though. It's hard to shop when you have 46763189 other people trying to do the same thing!Sheesh! Maybe since we'll have more storage once we move (16 more days!!!) I will try to buy early. My problem is I can't keep things. If I buy you something I want to give it to you right away...maybe hiding it in a closet somewhere will keep me from doing that and now I'll actually have those closets to hide things in...from myself!

Didn't exactly have the will-power that I needed.

And not really at our Christmas get-together (which was a lot of fun), the problem was the gifts I got from vendors! I got a big box of chocolate cookies & a big sleigh filled with Mrs. Field's goodies! I took it home to share with Michael and ended up snacking on some of the goodies myself. Ugh! I should just tell him to take it all to work with him and get it out of the house! Goodies are everywhere this time of's hard to get away from them! I need to get some healthy snacks to munch on at home - maybe then I wouldn't be so tempted to get into the goodies that are sitting out on the cabinet so easily accessible!

Well, things are about to get really busy b/c I have to get my butt in gear and get my Christmas shopping done - so maybe I won't have the time to stop and taste the candies!!! Let's hope!

Friday, December 10, 2004

It was our Christmas Party!

Yeah, that's a good excuse, huh??? This is why it's so hard to start getting strict during the holidaze! We had our Christmas Luncheon for work on Wednesday at Pappadeaux. Dinner was delicious and then we were served dessert...yes, I had one, but I only ate half. Granted it was half a piece of Praline Cheesecake - should have only had one bite! Other than that I have warded off all temptations. And today at lunch I drank diet instead of regular coke, just added a bit of lemon to it! I don't know why, but my taste for diet coke comes and goes. Sometimes I can drink it fine and it even keeps my stomach full, but other times I can't even get it down. Usually out of the fountain is better, except at Sonic. For some reason their diet coke tastes very, very bad!

Tomorrow is our family Christmas get-together up in East Texas. We're doing brisket, chicken, sausage, beans, & potato salad this year - hey, we're in Texas, BBQ is big! Now don't get me wrong, I do like BBQ, but it isn't something that I got back for thirds and fourths hopefully it won't be a binging weekend for me. Sweets? Yeah, there will be buttermilk pies, pecan pies, brownies...the works, but again, I am going to be on-guard all weekend! Make sure I keep a big glass of something to drink in my hand at all times and hopefully I'll be alright! Like I said, lately it has been dessert that has broken me. I don't know why b/c before I was never a big sweet eater. I didn't have a hard time staying away from the sugars. I guess our tastes change from time to time...

I know it isn't good for my migraines to eat too much sugar that'll be another advantage to avoiding them. I have been fighting bad migraines for the past three days. Yesterday was the climax. I ended up having to leave work early b/c could barely hold my head up. My coworker offered to drive me home, but I said no. Half way home I was wishing I had taken her up on the offer, but I made it none the less. When I got home I went straight to bed and was there for the rest of the night with the exception of getting up a few times to get sick. Yuck! Today, I just feel hungover. The day after a bad migraine my head always feels sore. Like it was injured or something. It's got better as the day has gone on, but is still lingering. I just hope it goes away 100% so that I can enjoy the weekend...and especially if the weather stays as beautiful as it is right now!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Quiz!

christmas ball
You are the Christmas Ball.

What Christmas Ornament are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I did this quiz last year and I was Christmas Lights...hmmm, guess I have changed some over the year!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's so BIG!!!!

We have been waiting on our new 21" monitors forever it seems...well, they finally arrived today! Only, HPs had been ordered...not what we got - though I am still very, very pleased! I had heard that HP was way behind on orders for some reason. I guess they got tired of waiting and cancelled that order and bought these instead! It's HUGE! I had to push it way to the back of my desk b/c I felt like it was towering over me!! Hee hee! How exciting! I wish I had one like this at home. Actually, I would like a flat panel at home...but then I would have to buy a desktop first...I use a laptop at home. It's 17", still pretty good size for a laptop.

Well, it's getting to be about that time...gonna run!

Monday, December 06, 2004

So good!

Well, I made it through yesterday without any sweets or cokes! I had tea sweetened with Sweet 'n Low and even though I really, really wanted dessert I passed...and though I wanted cookies at home I passed...and then realized I really didn't want them that bad when it wasn't a big deal to pass them up! We ate Mexican food last night so I did have chips, but the bit of cheese on my meal was the only bad thing and I didn't finish half my plate so I was okay there, too! Today for lunch I have left stew that I had made at home...

Water - that's what I really need to load up on! I haven't been drinking more than one glass of water daily! It's a bigger glass than just 8 ounces, but it still isn't enough. I heard once that you should divide you weight by two and that's how many ounces of water you should drink everyday! Man - that's a lot of water!!!! :) I have been taking allergy medicine and it actually suppresses my appetite some and makes my mouth dry so that I am actually more thirsty. Of course, that isn't why I am taking it, but if it curbs my food intake then that's a plus and will help me get over the hump of starting all over again!

No one else in my family is really that big and a few of them have gone through a major weight loss recently so my over-weight is like a big billboard all over the place when the family gets together! You think it's b/c I am sensitive, but it fact that isn't the case! They actually make comments - the most recent, my aunt talking about a fat doctor - "He's bigger than you think you're big, not compared to him!" And my deer sweet Grannie is the worst. She doesn't mean to be so blunt, but she will tell me about the show she saw on TV about how it's hard for obese women to have babies...and my parents who don't watch anything they put in their mouth will point out that I "don't need that" when I go to take a taste of something sweet! They have never dieted in their lives! They aren't huge, but like me could definitely stand to lose a few pounds! I would like to lose fifty! I think that I would put me on the low end of where I should be actually. I have a lot of muscle on my frame and don't want to lose that so dropping fifty pounds might be hard if I want to retain the muscle. I don't know. We'll just see what happens!

I need to research and see where my ideal weight should be!

I am going to try to get on track once again at stop by and take a look, leave me comments, hold me accountable so I'll STAY on track!!!!

Wow! Almost two months...

I can't believe that I have gone so long without updating around here...well, actually I can. I haven't been good and I haven't felt good about that so posting only magnified that.

I am going to have to get serious about posting in here more and being accountable. Since the wedding and the honeymoon and then house-hunting and now the holidays and moving at the end of the month, my excuse-cup has just been overflowing!! Well, it's time to get passed that and do something about it. I think I am at my heaviest right now...and that doesn't make me feel very good about myself. I am a newlywed, I should be happier than I am. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy in my marriage and with everything that is going on in my life right now, I am just not happy at all with my body.

I can't blame anything on hormones, but I know since I got started on birth control it's been harder and harder to get any weight I have decided that when I go back to my doctor I am going to take a non-hormonal approach to birth control and get an IUD (TMI??). They have ones with hormones and others without...I am going to see if the one without is an approach my doctor will support. Like I said, though, I can't blame the hormones for my weight, but I am sure it isn't helping either.

I am going to have to get strict on my sugar intake, too. I have noticed that I have been allowing myself to drink cokes and have dessert/sweets much more than I ever have before. That's something that has to stop. My metabolism is too slow to be taking in too much sugar. My meals really aren't bad, so I can't say to cut out this or that, b/c most of my meals are pretty healthy. I have just really noticed a much higher sugar intake than every before in my diet. That's step 1!!

Step 2 is exercise! START!!!! I haven't worked out in it seems ages...been lazy! Plain and simple! Once we get moved and are living in a subdivision instead of an apartment complex, I am going to see if Michael will start walking in the evenings with me. It's nice weather out temp-wise to walk. I can't let my exercise depend on him, though. I have to get back in the gym on my own...I know that! We have a wonderful facility free of charge here at the office so I have no excuses! I will either have to start going down at lunch or coming in early in the mornings. I know if I put it off until the evenings I won't go...when it's four, I am ready to be in my own house!

So, that's it...easy, huh? Sounds like it, but I know it isn't easy at all! That's why I set up this website, for help. For accountability. For support - giving as well as getting!

I haven't been keeping up on my weight-loss sites either. I need to get back out there and read how every one else is doing. I don't know if I am going to follow a plan like Weight Watchers or Atkins this go round, or just watch what I eat in general. I guess as I get back into this I'll see where the road takes me and just go from there!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

We had a pretty emotional weekend.

Friday Michael left straight from work to head out to the deer lease. I got home, took care of the dogs, and started on my list of things I had to get done for the evening. After taking care of some stuff and fixing a quick dinner I sat down to watch television - not long after that my mother called to tell me that my Grannie had been taken to the emergency room.

Okay, let me give you some background: My Grannie turned 90 years old this August and since I have been alive I can't remember once that she has been to the hospital. Before I was born she had to have surgery - but that was nearly 30 years ago. Since then she has only had to go in for annual check ups and had to fight the occasional kidney infection or winter cold. Those are her two biggest enemies! Also, next to my mother, I am closer to my Grannie than anyone. I talk to her almost daily and go visit whenever I can. I was the youngest grandchild growing up and stayed alone with my grandparents a lot. All the other kids were either teenagers or grown and had their own families by that time. can see that though to some hearing your 90 year old Grannie had to be taken to the emergency room might not be a huge shocker, but for me it was tragic. I was scared to death and at the time couldn't do anything, but sit by the phone (this is all going on in East Texas). Apparently, Grannie had been writing out Christmas cards and suddenly started to feel dizzy and sick to her stomach. She tried to call someone, but couldn't get anyone on the phone. That got her scared...she finally got mother's cousin on the phone and she came down to see about her. She took Grannie's blood pressure to find that it was 200 over 80, incredibly high (oh, also the only medication that Grannie takes is half a blood pressure pill every day - she doesn't even have to wear her glasses to see & read). Not being able to reach anyone had scared her and then seeing how high her BP was really scared her more...she got more dizzy and more sick to her stomach. Finally my aunt and uncle came down and they took her to the emergency room.

It was about that time that my mother got the phone call and then she called me to let me know. When the doctor finally got to see Grannie, her BP was closer to normal. They did a CT Scan (wanted to rule out a stroke), which came back normal and took some blood. The blood work showed that her white blood cells were incredibly high, which means she had an infection, though they didn't know where. Finally she was admitted to a room. The next morning we drove up early to see her. She was just coming back from an MRI, which also came back normal (again, still wanting to make sure it wasn't a stroke). The only thing they could find wrong with her was her high count of white blood cells, but still couldn't find the infection. She was put on antibiotics for one day and it brought the count down, but yesterday when they finally let her go home the count was back up and the didn't send her home with any antibiotics, which didn't sound right to me. Her doctor wasn't on call all weekend, so today he'll have to be brought up to speed about what's going on. I am sure she'll see him either today or tomorrow for some more tests or to be put on an antibiotic for the infection, whatever it is.

She might have to add one more pill to her daily intake after this, though. She gets dizzy from time to time and antivert, which treats vertigo helps with the dizziness. And, it might be time she quit staying all alone, too. Yes, she still lives alone and takes care of herself. My uncle (her son) lives about two minutes away, but that is still too far when she can't get him on the phone. She is very careful, she has never fallen; that seems to be the most common scare of older people staying alone. She is still able to do everything for herself with no trouble. She doesn't drive, never has really, so she always has people calling her to see if she needs a ride to church or wherever. I swear, she is on the go more than we are!!!

It was a scary weekend, but I am so glad it turned out to be nothing serious. Mother said, maybe this happened b/c of whatever infection she had. It might have gone undetected for a while - maybe for too long - before it was taken care of. This way, at least they'll be looking for it and how to treat it. I am glad we got to see her on Saturday, too. I sat in bed with her the whole time we were there. I think she was happy we were there.

Mother called me yesterday to let me know that they had sent her home...she is staying with my aunt and uncle right now. I'll call later in the day to talk to her. When we left her at the hospital she was looking so much better. She ate a good lunch and her faced had pinked up again - when she came back from the MRI her face was all gray and she didn't respond too much. I am sure it had been so cold in there.

So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you updated about her. She is such a wonderful lady - most of the people in town, even if they aren't related to her - call her Grannie or Aunt. She touhes everyone she meets in such a special way that you would never forget her if you met her.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Photo Meme...

This week's theme for Photo Friday is Reflections...

We have a close date set...

the 23rd we go for our first walk through, then on the 28th we go for our final walk through, and we close on the 29th! I can't wait! We didn't make Christmas like I thought we might, but at least we made 2004...barely!!! At least we'll be able to file right away for our homestead exemption and not have to wait an entire year!

Elaine came by for lunch today and picked me up and we drove out to the house. We now have countertops, vanities, and sod in the backyard! It's really coming together!!! I can't believe how much they get done between all of our trips out there - and we go quite a bit. At least twice a week now! I assume they are used to people coming out b/c they never seem surprised or bothered when we walk in!

And as promised, here is a picture of our first tree:

click for larger image...

This is actually the top out of a cedar tree we found behind my uncle's house in East Texas. I have only had a live tree once, from a tree farm & Michael has never had a live tree - so we thought it would be fun for this year! We haven't decorated it yet, as you can tell, b/c we haven't had a chance to get our decorations out of storage. It seems silly to be unpacking when we should be starting to pack, but we can't have a bare tree either! I told Michael we should pop & string popcorn, but then I thought otherwise b/c I figured Ace & Orea would think they had an endless supply of treats or something! Maybe next Christmas when we're in the house and the dogs are in the back yard we'll try that again!!!

Today is December 2nd - two months since we got married already! And in just one month 2005 will be here. Time is passing so quickly it seems - but then the holiday season is always like that! Gone before you know it! We're having our big family Christmas next weekend and I have to get my homemade gift made before then...after it's over I'll show you what I made! We play "The Game" every year and a few years back started playing it with homemade gifts! Then the next weekend I have a wedding to attend back in East Texas so I have to get a gift for that, too. So, I'll be up there two weekends in a row! Then it's Christmas...we'll be here in Houston for that. Then the next weekend we'll be moving! Phew...another month with every weekend planned. I haven't had one of those in a while.