You won't believe what I did...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
or what I didn't do!

Last night my parents brought my Grannie, Aunt, & Uncle over to see the house. Michael and I had been by the day before and they had all the fixtures up and the cabinets were in the garage so I thought they might be up!!! And sure enough, when we went into the house the cabinets and all the vanities were up and they were putting down sod in the front yard!!! The only big things left are the flooring, the fence, and the countertops!!! Wow! I can't believe how fast they are working - nor can I believe that I made sure my batteries were all charged and then was so excited about seeing the cabinets and showing my Grannie around that I didn't even get my camera out of the car. I know! I know! I am beating myself up over it already - if the rain goes away I'll stop by this afternoon and take some pictures, though. This rain is going to be great for the sod!!! And all the lights were on yesterday - we brought a flashlight b/c we didn't think we would be able to see, but it was wonderful! I love the lights they put in the dining room and in the foyer! They might be finished earlier than they had predicted - which was December 20th according to the builder when we had our walk through about three weeks ago...maybe longer. I am so excited!

After that everyone came back to the apartment (which is getting smaller everyday) and my dad and uncle and Michael played with Michael's new gun (a Remington 30.06 - I can't get the link b/c unbelieveably the site is restricted here at work) and new scope and we all visited for a while before they headed home. I think my Grannie is going to being staying with mother for a little while so I'll get to visit her while she is here! I don't get up to East Texas often enough to visit with her like I would like I am glad she is here for a little bit!

I think they all really liked the house, actually I know they did! They were all so excited for us! If Michael doesn't go to the deer lease (if it rains) we'll go over Sunday when they aren't working and take a LOT of new pictures to post! I always feel a little funny walking all through the house when there are workers around. I mean, I know it's our house, but I always feel like I am in intruding just a bit! No one comes into my office and checks out all of my paperwork, even if it's their's! I made that comment last night and everyone, almost in unison, said, "It's your house..." - I still try to stay out of their way, though! And around 6:30 at night they are wrapping things up, though. I couldn't believe how far into the dark they work, though. When they were putting up the neighbor's fence they were out there after dark with a flood light mixing concrete! And last night when we were leaving they were laying sod by security lights only! Hey...I'm not complaining. The later they work, the sooner the house gets done, the sooner we can move in!

Michael has already claimed the loft as his and is working on the layout and decorations of everything - he told me I could have the rest of the house...I didn't complain!!!!