What a vile stench delicious onions make!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
I get scrambled eggs a lot from downstairs for breakfast - I like them scrambled with onions and tomatoes, but I like fresh eggs. I don't like that soupey yellow "stuff" they call scramble eggs. So I always make it a point to ask for fresh eggs.

This morning the cook put a lot of onions on the grill. After I finished eating there were actually quite a few cooked onions still left on my plate, which went into the garbage with my plate. Now, hours later, everytime I enter my office I get a waft of odor that I just now realized has to be my breakfast sitting in the bottom of my trash bin.

There is nothing I can really do about it now, though. It's been there all day. Taking it to the trash bin in the coffee bar wouldn't alleviate the odor in my office. I need a candle...we aren't supposed to burn them, be desperate measures and all. Maybe I'll see if anyone keeps air freshner in their office.