It's been over a week since I posted...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
sorry! I have just been pretty busy, though I was off last Friday and Monday! So, I have a four day week this week! Here are some random posts/thoughts to make up for it!

Michael and I went by the house on Tuesday. They have the sheetrock done now! I took a few pictures, though I haven't posted them yet. I guess the next steps are the floors, trim, and painting - somewhere in there is the cabinets and countertops, but I don't really know for sure what order it's all in! I need to call and find out what phases they are in now. Seems like I should have already been told that to be honest. The house was in phase five when we signed the contract on it, which was about half way b/c there are 11 phases total.

I am having trouble with my eyes lately. I can't really ready my computer screen that well and when I try to use my reading glasses (which I don't really wear regularly) they work at first, but after a while things start to get wavy on me and cause a headache - though reading my computer screen without them also gives me a headache, so I am screwed either way. I guess that means it is time to revisit the eyedoctor again. I cancelled my vision insurance a few years back b/c it wasn't really saving me any money on doctor visits - however much I saved at the doctor was about the amount I paid the insurance company on a yearly basis so I didn't really see the point (no pun intended)!

I think Michael and I are going to go to East Texas this's deer season you know and he wants to hunt up there since he was at his deer lease last weekend. I guess he's going to alternate between East Texas and Central Texas where his lease is every weekend!

Today (Veteran's Day) is my PawPaw's would have been his 99th to be exact. He passed away 20 years ago when I was 7 years old. He was nine years older than my Grannie who turned 90 this year, though you wouldn't even think she was 75!