I can't believe that it has been one month already!

Monday, November 01, 2004
It seemed like October 2nd took forever to get here and now the time seems to be flying by! We got a "Happy One Month" card today from Michael's parents. It was so sweet!

I guess it's been going so fast b/c we have been so busy. The first week or two we were sharing pictures and stories of the honeymoon with everyone...the we got started looking for houses. That actually went a lot faster than we had anticipated, to be honest. I thought we would be looking for much longer! Thank goodness that wasn't the case!!! And ever since then we have been making frequent trips out just to check on the progress and, of course, have been taking family members by to see as well! We have also been working to get our loan done (and comparison shopping) and Yay - we locked yesterday, which is good since the rates are beginning to creep up faster everyday! Then we bought a pool table, went out of town for the weekend, picked up the table yesterday, and today we have an inspection at that house!

Man, no wonder it has gone by so fast!! We haven't stopped since we got back from the honeymoon!!! And I am sure we won't until we get moved in - and right after that I start school back. Oh, didn't I tell you?? I am starting on my masters in accounting in January!!!

Well it's the end of the month here and I have deadlines that I had better get to!