Well, we did it!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
We got married and it was fabulous! I had such a great time - it was so much fun! The ceremony, reception, honeymoon! I think we'll have to do it every year for our anniversary!!! Well, maybe just the honeymoon part!!! Hee hee! I have updated our wedding site with the honeymoon details and links to the pictures. When I get the pictures from the photographer I'll add that link, too. Elaine has her pictures posted. (Hey...if you took some and have them posted, please send me the link so I can take a look!!!!) I have a bunch of disposable cameras from the reception that I have to get processed, too and I'll post them as well. It's always fun to see from everyone else's perspective!

I am just so happy about the way that everything turned out - Michael and I both are. He had a lot of fun, too! It is a relief that all the planning is done, but when we saw the outcome, it was definitely worth all the work!!!!!!