We had a good day scrapbooking today!

Saturday, October 16, 2004
I was able to get five pages done - most I have ever finished in one sitting!!! I have two books going right now. Our wedding album and one of just Michael and me...a page for each of our families, us growing up, all of our firsts together (well, not all of them *wink*) and pages for our hobbies. It started out as just being a book of our first year, but it's been almost two and I haven't finished it! I'll get it done, though after the wedding album I'm sure!

After the party was over I came out to my parents' house. Michael went out to the deer lease this weekend so I decided to come hang out with my parents while he was gone. We went over to the apartment to let the dogs go potty and run around for a while and just got back. I think I am going to finish up some more thank you notes tonight and then maybe even work on another page or two in my album. I want to have it all finished before my wedding photos come in so I'll be able to work on those right away.

It's getting late so I think I am going to go see how many cards I can get finished tonight! If you're waiting on a thank you note, don't worry - I didn't forget you. I am just still working on them!!