Okay...since it IS fact now,

Monday, October 25, 2004
I'll talk about it for real! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! WooHoo! I am sure there were several of you who guessed that anyway. It is a new build home and isn't even completed yet - I think it should be completely sometimg around December, possibly January. I love it! I took some pictures this weekend, though I haven't put them on the computer yet. I'll do that tonight. They haven' even put the sheetrock up yet...and they have just started bricking it, so you can't really tell much about it anyway!

We were undecided for a while - going back between this house and another one. This one was bigger, had a LOT more storage place, and a great loft upstairs. It also sits on a great lot in a cul-de-sac, with adds a great big lot premium - that was a concern, too. So I told the lady that we did like it, but with the premium it was almost out of our range - other houses had incentives going to move them, but not this one. So, we discussed it a while and Friday when we went back to meet with her, she told us she was able to get us an incentive for the exact value of the lot premium!!!! Right then I knew what decision we would make!!! Michael's parents and mine got to see it this weekend and I think they all highly approve!!

I am just so excited. I think I'll probably be driving by every day on my way home to take pictures so I'll keep you updated on its progress! Now we can finally get our stuff out of storage and out of my parents' house!!