Okay, so I lied. I did come to work today.

Friday, October 01, 2004
I had a lot going on today that had to get finished. It's end of the month, but I do plan on leaving early and at lunch I am evening getting a massage!!! I don't really know what time I'll leave...three o'clock, maybe three. The boss is out today and one of my colleague is taking a half day today I think. So, I'll have to make sure the rest of the group is fine with that, which I am sure they will be! I just don't want to be rushed...AT ALL this evening getting to the church. That tune from My Fair Lady just popped into my head...where her father is singing, "Get me to the Church on time!!" Hee hee! I love that movie - and well anything with Audrey Hepburn really! She was awesome...and so amazingly beautiful! Oops...off topic!

Well, I am going to get started so that I can get everything done and get out of here early...but first I have to go grab some b'fast! I'm starving!