It's starting to look like a real house!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Yesterday on my way home I drove by again and took a couple more pictures. They are already finished with the brick! I can't believe how fast that went!!!

This view is from the back...the front had work trucks parked in the way. I did get a couple pictures from that view, though. There are four more pictures here - the first four are the ones that I took yesterday.

Tomorrow we have to go meet with the construction superintendent (?) again for the pre-drywall inspection. The inspector for Lennar comes out at different stages and since they are getting ready to put the sheetrock up, he has to come out before-hand and check everything out - I guess! I have never built a house I'm learning as I go! I just can't wait for the walls to be up! I had started to take pictures of the completed one we went through, but then decided you could just anticipate!! Bwa-ha-ha!!! It really is a beautiful layout! Michael is already shopping around for pool tables to put in the loft!! I have been doodling on the floor plan as to where I want different furniture to go, too!! I have a feeling these next couple months before we move in are going to move very, verrry, slowly!!