I wrote about the good stuff from the honeymoon,

Friday, October 15, 2004
but there was one thing that happened when we got there that wasn't so great. It was a little humorous looking back, but definitely not while it had happened. And really isn't wasn't that bad, so much so that I even forgot about it until I opened the cabinet to get the hairspray (I rarely do that b/c I really don't use it much).

When we parked the car to get on the ship our luggage was taken at that point and then later delivered to our room. I have a duffel that I used mostly for shoes and such, but I had put things like my curling iron, the sunblock, and hairspray in as well. It was delivered later in the day and when I open it I realized some things were wet...I couldn't imagine what/how had spilt. Then I realized by the smell that it was the hairspray...yuck! STICKY! Apparently the lid had been pushed off and the nozzled pressed from something leaning on it. I didn't know how much had been sprayed, but when I picked up the once full can I felt that it was completely empty! The entire can had sprayed out inside our bag! Ugh...mostly it was clothes that got sprayed - a sweatshirt jacket, a pair of Michael's shorts, my cosmetic bag (that wiped right off), a shirt I think, and one of my bras - these were clothes from the night before so we didn't have to take the big suitcase in. I rinsed most of it out in the sink, but not the jacket for some reason. The next day there was a round patch about the size of a large grapefruit square in the middle of the back of the jacket that was hard!!! It wasn't hard to take care of and wasn't that big of a catastrophe really...just mostly a nuisance - and now a little entertaining I guess!