I have a tendancy to talk about things prematurely.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
I start thinking about something that is going to happen or something that I want to happen and then I start talking about it to people like it has happened or is going to happen and then something else happens and whatever I was thinking about doesn't come to be and then I feel stupid for talking about it in the first place! phew...

SO - I am making it a point to work on this little issue of mine and NOT talk about things until they actually become fact! That being said, I am not going to talk about the little issue that is going on in the Kubeczka (that's my new last name) household - and no, before you ask it isn't a baby and I am not going to tell you what it is!

Actually, to be honest, I have mentioned this to a couple people, but only to a couple people that are close to me and b/c I had questions that needed to be answered at the point I talked to them about it - so does that count? Did I discuss it prematurely - Nah! That was research!

Well, that's enough about that for now, even though I didn't talk about anything really! My group is all going out to lunch together today and I think they are ready so I am going to head out!