Thursday, October 21, 2004

I guess if Britney is doing it...

then why not!!!! I thought it was amusing that her remark, "There ought to be a Mrs. Federline shirt," prompted the printing of several for I thought, "Well, there should be a Mrs. Kubeczka shirt..." - so I made one!!!

I didn't order it, but I made it here after I saw the multitude of Mrs. Federline shirts that various people had made. I guess Zazzle is something like, who also has a couple items from Britney's wardrobe! The site was fun to play with and I was tempted to make my products public just to see who out there were order one...but I didn't give in!

Oh...and speaking of Mrs. Kubeczka, I can now legally change my name b/c our marriage license arrived yesterday!!! Yay! I had just called to ask when I should expect it and was told to allow 6 weeks - that would put it here sometime in the middle of November so I was happily surprised to see that it had arrived! Now I have to make a stop at the Social Security office and another to change my driver's license and I'll be done with the majority of it. I have everything changed at work, but can't change my info at the bank until they see a copy of our marriage license or a new DL or something. I have a credit card that I never use that I'll need to change, too. It's kinda like getting a new email and making sure everyone updates their contact list - though, that can be done in a mass emailing!!! (Oh, btw those of you who received that - I'll be sending another one sometime in the future for my personal email in addition to my new work email - and then I promise NO MORE CHANGES!!! Until then, though, everything is status quo!!!)

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