Do you remember the Candy Man?

Friday, October 29, 2004
I can remember laying out all our candy from trick-or-treating on the coffee table and my mother and sister would inspect all our loot before we ate it. We all believed there were people out there that put poison or razor blades in candy to pass out to children. There were even rules about no homemade goodies at school functions or parties. It all had to be sealed from the store.

To be honest, I don't remember the Candy Man - he was before my time. Today I ran across this article, though and it made me understand where all the anxiety came from...and he was from right here in the Houston area! I guess that's why it hit so close to home.

I don't know if parents still check trick-or-treat candy like that anymore...and even though the article says there has not been a single case (other than this one) of strangers deliberately poison or tampering with trick-or-treat candy, I still imagine that when I have kids of my own brining in bags of candy I'll still paw through it a bit to check it out and I am sure to snag a piece of chocolate for myself!