"You can launch a wiener!"

Monday, October 18, 2004
If you use MyYahoo you can have an extension that shows you the most emailed photos every day. Today, this photo was there. At first I didn't realize what the big deal was, until I took a second look. That's Tommy Lee standing in the drum line. Apparently, he's taking classes at the University of Nebraska for a reality TV show he's working on and tried out for the bands drumline. You can read the full story here if you want. I didn't necessarily love Motley Crue, but back in the day I must admit I used to listen to them and Tommy Lee is in trouble too much not to know who he is even if you didn't listen to them. Well, I guess he isn't in trouble these days as much as he used to be! I hadn't heard of this reality show that he is working on - it's troubling that I have a curiosity about it!!! LOL! Unlike other shows he's done, though this one is going to be on NBC - where others were on MTV - easy to miss since I don't watch MTV. I do, however, watch NBC so I'm sure I'll run across is!

Sorry for the random post...just thought it was interesting that he was playing in a college drumline!!!