Friday, October 29, 2004

Do you remember the Candy Man?

I can remember laying out all our candy from trick-or-treating on the coffee table and my mother and sister would inspect all our loot before we ate it. We all believed there were people out there that put poison or razor blades in candy to pass out to children. There were even rules about no homemade goodies at school functions or parties. It all had to be sealed from the store.

To be honest, I don't remember the Candy Man - he was before my time. Today I ran across this article, though and it made me understand where all the anxiety came from...and he was from right here in the Houston area! I guess that's why it hit so close to home.

I don't know if parents still check trick-or-treat candy like that anymore...and even though the article says there has not been a single case (other than this one) of strangers deliberately poison or tampering with trick-or-treat candy, I still imagine that when I have kids of my own brining in bags of candy I'll still paw through it a bit to check it out and I am sure to snag a piece of chocolate for myself!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fall Look

I thought I would lose the pink background for a while since summer is gone - or at least by the it's gone according to the calendar! What do you think about the green background???

It's starting to look like a real house!!

Yesterday on my way home I drove by again and took a couple more pictures. They are already finished with the brick! I can't believe how fast that went!!!

This view is from the back...the front had work trucks parked in the way. I did get a couple pictures from that view, though. There are four more pictures here - the first four are the ones that I took yesterday.

Tomorrow we have to go meet with the construction superintendent (?) again for the pre-drywall inspection. The inspector for Lennar comes out at different stages and since they are getting ready to put the sheetrock up, he has to come out before-hand and check everything out - I guess! I have never built a house I'm learning as I go! I just can't wait for the walls to be up! I had started to take pictures of the completed one we went through, but then decided you could just anticipate!! Bwa-ha-ha!!! It really is a beautiful layout! Michael is already shopping around for pool tables to put in the loft!! I have been doodling on the floor plan as to where I want different furniture to go, too!! I have a feeling these next couple months before we move in are going to move very, verrry, slowly!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

The front yard is a bit of a mess,

but here is our new home!!

There are more pictures here. You can't really tell that much now, but soon enough it will look like a real house!!! Yesterday we went by and there were almost done with the bricking already - I forgot my camera, but I have it today and am going to stop by on the way home and take some more pictures!

Okay...since it IS fact now,

I'll talk about it for real! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! WooHoo! I am sure there were several of you who guessed that anyway. It is a new build home and isn't even completed yet - I think it should be completely sometimg around December, possibly January. I love it! I took some pictures this weekend, though I haven't put them on the computer yet. I'll do that tonight. They haven' even put the sheetrock up yet...and they have just started bricking it, so you can't really tell much about it anyway!

We were undecided for a while - going back between this house and another one. This one was bigger, had a LOT more storage place, and a great loft upstairs. It also sits on a great lot in a cul-de-sac, with adds a great big lot premium - that was a concern, too. So I told the lady that we did like it, but with the premium it was almost out of our range - other houses had incentives going to move them, but not this one. So, we discussed it a while and Friday when we went back to meet with her, she told us she was able to get us an incentive for the exact value of the lot premium!!!! Right then I knew what decision we would make!!! Michael's parents and mine got to see it this weekend and I think they all highly approve!!

I am just so excited. I think I'll probably be driving by every day on my way home to take pictures so I'll keep you updated on its progress! Now we can finally get our stuff out of storage and out of my parents' house!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I guess if Britney is doing it...

then why not!!!! I thought it was amusing that her remark, "There ought to be a Mrs. Federline shirt," prompted the printing of several for I thought, "Well, there should be a Mrs. Kubeczka shirt..." - so I made one!!!

I didn't order it, but I made it here after I saw the multitude of Mrs. Federline shirts that various people had made. I guess Zazzle is something like, who also has a couple items from Britney's wardrobe! The site was fun to play with and I was tempted to make my products public just to see who out there were order one...but I didn't give in!

Oh...and speaking of Mrs. Kubeczka, I can now legally change my name b/c our marriage license arrived yesterday!!! Yay! I had just called to ask when I should expect it and was told to allow 6 weeks - that would put it here sometime in the middle of November so I was happily surprised to see that it had arrived! Now I have to make a stop at the Social Security office and another to change my driver's license and I'll be done with the majority of it. I have everything changed at work, but can't change my info at the bank until they see a copy of our marriage license or a new DL or something. I have a credit card that I never use that I'll need to change, too. It's kinda like getting a new email and making sure everyone updates their contact list - though, that can be done in a mass emailing!!! (Oh, btw those of you who received that - I'll be sending another one sometime in the future for my personal email in addition to my new work email - and then I promise NO MORE CHANGES!!! Until then, though, everything is status quo!!!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I have a tendancy to talk about things prematurely.

I start thinking about something that is going to happen or something that I want to happen and then I start talking about it to people like it has happened or is going to happen and then something else happens and whatever I was thinking about doesn't come to be and then I feel stupid for talking about it in the first place! phew...

SO - I am making it a point to work on this little issue of mine and NOT talk about things until they actually become fact! That being said, I am not going to talk about the little issue that is going on in the Kubeczka (that's my new last name) household - and no, before you ask it isn't a baby and I am not going to tell you what it is!

Actually, to be honest, I have mentioned this to a couple people, but only to a couple people that are close to me and b/c I had questions that needed to be answered at the point I talked to them about it - so does that count? Did I discuss it prematurely - Nah! That was research!

Well, that's enough about that for now, even though I didn't talk about anything really! My group is all going out to lunch together today and I think they are ready so I am going to head out!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Okay, at the risk of sounding really naive,

has anyone participated in anything like this before?? Before everyone jumped on the free iPod giveaways I would have trashed something like this in a heartbeat, but seeing all the good responses about that I thought I might give this a try! The Canon is something that I have wanted for a long time myself - see?? So...I filled out everything for this offer and just before I hit the complete button I hesitated. This isn't quite the same thing as signing up for a coffee club or be honest I don't know what this is like! That's why I am asking you! Any feedback or inside info you might have would be appreciated.

Go Astros!!

What an absolutely amazing game last night!!! It was incredible! I can't get the look on Kent's face out of my mind when he hit that home run to end the ball game! It was priceless!

I am also glad that Boston won last night, too! I would like to see them make it to the World Series!!!


Monday, October 18, 2004

"You can launch a wiener!"

If you use MyYahoo you can have an extension that shows you the most emailed photos every day. Today, this photo was there. At first I didn't realize what the big deal was, until I took a second look. That's Tommy Lee standing in the drum line. Apparently, he's taking classes at the University of Nebraska for a reality TV show he's working on and tried out for the bands drumline. You can read the full story here if you want. I didn't necessarily love Motley Crue, but back in the day I must admit I used to listen to them and Tommy Lee is in trouble too much not to know who he is even if you didn't listen to them. Well, I guess he isn't in trouble these days as much as he used to be! I hadn't heard of this reality show that he is working on - it's troubling that I have a curiosity about it!!! LOL! Unlike other shows he's done, though this one is going to be on NBC - where others were on MTV - easy to miss since I don't watch MTV. I do, however, watch NBC so I'm sure I'll run across is!

Sorry for the random post...just thought it was interesting that he was playing in a college drumline!!!

I haven't done one of these in a very long time...

so I thought I would do one for this morning!

  1. Dimension:: Depth
  2. Roger:: Creager
  3. CSI:: Miami
  4. Passenger:: 57
  5. Thankful:: Gracious
  6. Has-been:: Dried-up
  7. Bambino:: Baby
  8. Wrinkles:: Age
  9. Cable TV:: Sucks
  10. Voicemail:: Cell Phone

Saturday, October 16, 2004

We had a good day scrapbooking today!

I was able to get five pages done - most I have ever finished in one sitting!!! I have two books going right now. Our wedding album and one of just Michael and me...a page for each of our families, us growing up, all of our firsts together (well, not all of them *wink*) and pages for our hobbies. It started out as just being a book of our first year, but it's been almost two and I haven't finished it! I'll get it done, though after the wedding album I'm sure!

After the party was over I came out to my parents' house. Michael went out to the deer lease this weekend so I decided to come hang out with my parents while he was gone. We went over to the apartment to let the dogs go potty and run around for a while and just got back. I think I am going to finish up some more thank you notes tonight and then maybe even work on another page or two in my album. I want to have it all finished before my wedding photos come in so I'll be able to work on those right away.

It's getting late so I think I am going to go see how many cards I can get finished tonight! If you're waiting on a thank you note, don't worry - I didn't forget you. I am just still working on them!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

I wrote about the good stuff from the honeymoon,

but there was one thing that happened when we got there that wasn't so great. It was a little humorous looking back, but definitely not while it had happened. And really isn't wasn't that bad, so much so that I even forgot about it until I opened the cabinet to get the hairspray (I rarely do that b/c I really don't use it much).

When we parked the car to get on the ship our luggage was taken at that point and then later delivered to our room. I have a duffel that I used mostly for shoes and such, but I had put things like my curling iron, the sunblock, and hairspray in as well. It was delivered later in the day and when I open it I realized some things were wet...I couldn't imagine what/how had spilt. Then I realized by the smell that it was the hairspray...yuck! STICKY! Apparently the lid had been pushed off and the nozzled pressed from something leaning on it. I didn't know how much had been sprayed, but when I picked up the once full can I felt that it was completely empty! The entire can had sprayed out inside our bag! Ugh...mostly it was clothes that got sprayed - a sweatshirt jacket, a pair of Michael's shorts, my cosmetic bag (that wiped right off), a shirt I think, and one of my bras - these were clothes from the night before so we didn't have to take the big suitcase in. I rinsed most of it out in the sink, but not the jacket for some reason. The next day there was a round patch about the size of a large grapefruit square in the middle of the back of the jacket that was hard!!! It wasn't hard to take care of and wasn't that big of a catastrophe really...just mostly a nuisance - and now a little entertaining I guess!

I found this at

Nina's, who found it at Christine's, and I believe they both got the code at her site!!

  • First job: Broaddus Grocery

  • First screen name: MishMish

  • First funeral: My PawPaw

  • First pet: A mutt name Rocky - he was a great dog!

  • First piercing: Ears

  • First tattoo: Ankh

  • First credit card: Visa

  • First kiss: Vince Smart - age 12 - bus ride to a ball game

  • First enemy: Probably a girl in Jr. High over something juvenile!

  • Last car ride: To work this morning - drove, didn't really ride!

  • Last kiss: This morning tell my husband goodbye for work!

  • Last movie watched: Doctor Dolittle - b/c it ran every day on the cruise!

  • Last beverage drank: Water

  • Last food consumed: Potatoes - eating lunch right now!

  • Last phone call: To my daddy

  • Last time showered: This morning

  • Last CD played: Kevin Fowler

  • Last website visited: Kevin Fowler - to get that link!

  • Single or taken: Most definitely taken

  • Gender: Female

  • Birthday: September 13th

  • Sign: Virgo

  • Siblings: Two brothers, Two sisters

  • Hair color: Dark Brown

  • Eye color: Dark Brown

  • Shoe size: 8 1/2

  • Height: 5' 5"

  • Wearing: Levi's Capris and a stiped 3/4 length sleeve sweater

  • Drinking: Nothing at the moment

  • Thinking about: Am I almost done?

  • Listening to: KILT

Wasn't that fun...give it a try!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Well, we did it!!!

We got married and it was fabulous! I had such a great time - it was so much fun! The ceremony, reception, honeymoon! I think we'll have to do it every year for our anniversary!!! Well, maybe just the honeymoon part!!! Hee hee! I have updated our wedding site with the honeymoon details and links to the pictures. When I get the pictures from the photographer I'll add that link, too. Elaine has her pictures posted. (Hey...if you took some and have them posted, please send me the link so I can take a look!!!!) I have a bunch of disposable cameras from the reception that I have to get processed, too and I'll post them as well. It's always fun to see from everyone else's perspective!

I am just so happy about the way that everything turned out - Michael and I both are. He had a lot of fun, too! It is a relief that all the planning is done, but when we saw the outcome, it was definitely worth all the work!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

I'm Married!!!

I am going to be working on updating the wedding site and getting pictures up as soon as I can!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

In twelve minutes it will be my wedding day!!

We had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight. It went really, really well. Now we're back home and visiting with family from out of town. Now I am very sleepy so I am going to go to bed, but I wanted to say goodnight to everyone!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been there and helped along the way! I am very happy!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Okay, so I lied. I did come to work today.

I had a lot going on today that had to get finished. It's end of the month, but I do plan on leaving early and at lunch I am evening getting a massage!!! I don't really know what time I'll leave...three o'clock, maybe three. The boss is out today and one of my colleague is taking a half day today I think. So, I'll have to make sure the rest of the group is fine with that, which I am sure they will be! I just don't want to be rushed...AT ALL this evening getting to the church. That tune from My Fair Lady just popped into my head...where her father is singing, "Get me to the Church on time!!" Hee hee! I love that movie - and well anything with Audrey Hepburn really! She was awesome...and so amazingly beautiful! topic!

Well, I am going to get started so that I can get everything done and get out of here early...but first I have to go grab some b'fast! I'm starving!