Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Phew...long weekends will definitely tire you out!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I am so, so, so swamped over here! I mentioned a while back that my job changed a bit around here...well, to define change: I have a ton more work added to my days!!!!! So, I don't really have a whole lotta spare time and when I get home I don't really get on the computer much; more so now that football season is starting and Michael is always checking on his fantasy teams. He has them for all sports, but the only one that involves $$$ is football, and even with that one he has another that is free, too! But last night I got on there with him to check it out. He was "watching" a baseball game on the internet. It wasn't actual picture, but rather several windows that showed what was going on in the game. There was a diamond that showed who was where and there was a batter at the plate and it showed where different pitches came in, how fast they were, and whether they were strikes, hits, balls, etc. It was really pretty cool to watch! He watches more games that way now than on the TV, hee hee at least that way I can watch Law & Order (which I haven't had time to do in a long time!)...

So...yes, we had a great weekend! It was busy and I am still trying to recover!!! This weekend we're going up to East Texas for our last shower with my side of the family. Then it's only two more weekends until the wedding!!! It's awesome to start counting in weeks instead of months!

Well, like I said, I'm super busy around here so I had better get to it so I can make a dent in these stacks on my desk!!!!

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