Only one more weekend to go!

Sunday, September 19, 2004
We just have next weekend and then we're getting married!!!

This past weekend was our bachelor/bachelorette parties. I spent the day at mother's and then that night all the girls met me at my place and we headed downtown. We had a lot of fun!! We were only down there about three hours - apparently if you don't drink for a long, long time your tolerance goes way, way down!!!! As was the case for me. I haven't drank in forever really so it didn't really take much! We started off at Market Square Grille for food and fun gifts - then went down to main street! I heard a lot of "Don't do it!" being screamed by a few guys...of course there were a few that told me congratulations, too and a nice couple that have been married for 8 years bought me a drink and told me how happy they were for me! We saw one other bachelorette party going on and one bachelor party. That poor bachelor had to put on lipstick and take a picture with me and one of his buddies had to quote me something from Shakespeare (after his friend said he wouldn't do it)!

Needless to say I spent Sunday hanging out at the house with Michael! He was pretty tired, too. They had left around 3:00 am to head to Freeport to go deep sea fishing and were gone all day and all night long! I have to get through one more Monday - I have been unpacking in my new office all morning. I meant to bring up my camera today, but of course walked out without it. Tomorrow I'll try to remember!