It's THIS weekend! Wow!

Monday, September 27, 2004
It's hard to believe it's already here now! I have to be honest...I am getting a little nervous. Not that I have doubts, but this is a BIG step! Who wouldn't be a little nervous??

Tonight my parents are coming over and going with us to the reception hall to drop off some things and pay the final balance for the reception. Men's Warehouse called to say the tuxedos were in and we finished printing the programs and the placecards this week! The count as of today is 305!!! Holy Cow! I didn't know I knew that many people!! (Well, I guess I really don't know them all...ha ha)

Tomorrow and Thursday I have some more errands to run during lunch, then Friday I am off and still have an appointment at 11:00 - then that night we have rehearsal and then it's the big day! I know I haven't been keeping up with my posts...or my reads and for that I am sorry. My mind has just been occupied.