I made my first trek over to my old building today.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
I still have my plants over in Karen's office. I didn't want to box them up to move and didn't want to tote them home, so I just moved them temporarily to her office for a while. I had to go over to the drilling department this morning so on my way back I stopped by and picked up one and she and I went down and got coffee, too! I still have two more over there and I think she is going to bring one over later so she'll get to see my new digs, too!

It was nice walking over...it was cool and a little breezy. On the way back was a different story. It was starting to get mucky already and the sun was beating down on me! Sheesh, I think I'll keep my walks over to the tower to strictly early morning!

Tomorrow a group of the girls are taking me out to a belated birthday lunch! I think I want to go to Rockfish. I went there for the first time with Kenny and Elaine a couple weeks back and really liked it! I think Michael would like it, too. I need to get him to try it sometime. There is one down from the apartment a little ways that would be a good choice for dinner one night!

Well, I have been out of the office a while this morning so I had better get to work!