I am packing up part of my office this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
We move this weekend...well, technically the movers move us this weekend, but I have to get everything packed by Friday so I thought I would try to get my personal stuff done. I haven't moved once since we have been in this building. This is my first one...everyone else (except the managers) have moved several times. Now, not only am I moving out of my office, I am moving out of our building and into another one of our buildings.

This floor is in complete disarray...there are boxes up and down the halls and the moving guys are in an out all day. My office is like a maze. There are boxes piled up to the door. Tomorrow I'll have to remember to bring my camera in.

I just finished about 85% of my personal stuff...I think I'll end of having about three personal boxes to be moved. Hey, after three years you accumulate a lot of stuff!! I think I am going to enjoy the new office. It'll be a nice change and supposedly the garage situation over there is a bit better, too!!!

And...we got an email from our CEO today that starting January 2005 wer're going to be implementing 9/80's! Meaning I'll work my 80 hours (yeah right!) in nine days and have every other Friday off! WooHoo! I just went to this 7-4 schedule, which I love...I guess it'll just be 7-5 instead. I can deal with that to have a three day weekend every other week! I'll be able to get so much stuff done on those days and I'll be able to go eat lunch with Michael, too! I am really looking forward to it. He (CEO) said he would never do that, but I guess he changed his mind since enough people spoke up. They also changed the minimun vacation to three weeks...which is what I already had starting this year. Now, those coming in will start with three weeks. Wish it was retroactive and I would get a week off for those years past!!!! Wouldn't that be sweet???

I think I'll finish getting all this other "stuff" out of here except what I am currently working on and then concentrate on finishing all that before the move so I won't be dealing with it over there!