17 days...and counting!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
I asked Michael the other day if he was getting nervous...his answer, "Nah, there's nothing to be nervous about..." He did say that it didn't seem real yet, though when I told him we only had two weeks. Even after I told him that, yesterday on the way to his parents, he said, "This weekend is our [bachelor/bachelorette] parties and we don't have anything planned for the next weekend?"
"Then what's the weekend after that?"
"Ummm...our wedding!!!"

He couldn't believe that it was so close! To be honest I can't either! I can't wait!

This past weekend when we were in Broaddus I got at least two cards and one remark about finally getting married! They made me feel like an old spinster that someone finally took pity on and married! Ladies - I am only 26 (at the time I was 26, now I am 27)!!! You have to understand I came from a small town. No, you may think you came from a small town, but I REALLY came from a small town. I graduated with 25 people! And most of those people are still there and were either married before we graduated or immediately afterwards. I was the strange one b/c I remained single for a while. When I went off to college and would come home to visit - no one would ask how school was going, just if I had a boyfriend or not. Then when I graduated from college and started looking for a job here in Houston and would come home for a visit...no one would ask about the job search, just whether or not I was married. THEN after getting a good job no one would ask about that either!

So, my stock answer when someone would ask if I was married, "No, but I have a career and great friends and a social life and guys to go out with...would you like to hear about any of the other details of my life other than whether or not I am married?" I would get a moment of silence and then maybe a, "Good for you," or some muttering about doing it right like that's what they had in mind all along!

I should have answered, "Sure, my partner and I'll get married once they change the laws..." Ha Ha, I grew up in a Baptist town/church, that would have really got the gossip wheels turning!!!!

They really don't mean anything by it...they all got married in their teens, their children got married in their teens, and their grandchildren either got married in their teens or early, early twenties!!!

So, I guess I shouldn't get irritated by it...just realize that's all they know. Most of them have lived in Broaddus all their lives and that's just how it goes up there. Growing up I thought getting married young was the only time...but I am still young! When I lived there I thought I loved Broaddus...now I love to go back and visit, but could never live there again. I'll always have family there and will always have a camp house or place to go there. Right now we have mom and dad's camp house, but later when Michael and I are ready maybe we'll get our own up there. Like Elaine said, it really is a beautiful place and very relaxing, too. It's a nice escape every once in a while from Houston!