Well, they weren't like my Grannie makes,

Thursday, August 12, 2004
but they were pretty good nonetheless! I am talking about the chicken and dumplings that I had for lunch (and a salad). I know there are tons of recipes out there for chicken and dumplings, but c'mon people we live in the south! They don't change that much...I have never before seen carrots or celery in chicken and dumplings! Have you? And these weren't dumplings that were rolled out and cut in strips so they would get all fat and stick to the roof your mouth ~ nope, these looked like they were pinched and made into tiny itty bitty balls, about like you make to use as a spit wad through your pen at your chemistry teacher!

I am pretty particular about my chicken and dumplings, b/c I grew up with my Grannie cooking them a certain way just for me. Hee hee...yeah, I am a little spoiled! Grannie, and mother too really, knows that I don't like chicken inside my chicken and dumplings! When I get a bowl it's just dumplings...I like the chicken to be removed before the dumplings go in the broth and served separately! I also like thick dumplings. My sisters give me grief b/c they like their chicken in the dumplings, but my argument is that it is much easier to add chicken to your bowl of dumplings than to scour around to find the chicken hidden amongst all the dumplings and pull it out! I like to taste just the dumplings!!! Their argument is the chicken needs to be in there to soak up the flavor! To please everyone, mother just makes two orders...one for everyone else and a a smaller one just for me. Grannie still makes them sans the chicken the way I like them!

Having said all that I am not complaining about what I ate today from the cafeteria downstairs...I am merely saying this is not chicken and dumplings they way they are prepared in the south. Too many other veggies taking residence in the bowl and no dumplings...it's just thick soup with a little spit ball every once in a while! There was a lot of chicken in the pot and big pieces. I managed to avoid all save one little piece!