Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Well, my dress is in

and I have an appointment for my bridal portraits!!! I have a pair of shoes, but am going to keep looking b/c they aren't the best match for my dress. I think tonight I am going to stop by David's Bridal on the way home. White shoes are so hard to find this time of year!

We have to pick up a few more items, but most everything has been purchased. I went to mother's last night and she has two big boxes filled up ~ one for the church and one for the reception! Next Thursday I am going to take off early for an alterations appointment for my dress. Since I have an appointment already for my bridal portraits they should give me a definite date to pick it up after that! I still have to figure out my hair situation. I have a friend doing my hair for me, but we haven't practiced with it yet...that's something I am going to try to do this weekend. And figure out how it's going to work the day of the wedding, too!

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