Man, do you know how expensive pet resorts are?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
I had been calling a few places and they were going to cost us around $500 for two dogs while we're on our honeymoon!!!

This morning Michael's mother sent me a link to a pet resort that is less than a mile from my apartment (doh!) I called this morning and they were really nice on the phone. The girl I talked to kept calling them "our babies"!! LOL! Anyway, they are A LOT cheaper than any other place I had found and they offer more, too. And if we get them groomed on the last day, we don't get charged another day of boarding. That's a plus!

So...I think I am going to take Michael over there tonight and check them out. I already have our name on the list b/c they were almost full for that time period. One of the remaining spaces that she put me down for is actually an indoor/outdoor kennel - so they'll have a private potty yard, plus they'll get to go out the regular three times a day to the big yard and it's no additional charge!! I think we have a winner, BUT I don't want to commit until we've had a chance to check it out personally!