I know I have been quiet around here this week.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
I just went through monthly close so I was pretty tied up. We have also been going through a lot of changes here in the office and there have been a lot of closed door meetings this past week.

Last Tuesday (not yesterday) we found out that our department was being dissolved. Of course the mood around here hasn't been wonderful. So far only two people I know were let go b/c of this and everyone else has landed somewhere. We're all still here, just mostly in a different capacity. For the most part my job description is going to stay the same. I'll have a much heavier workload, though and I am moving offices...buildings actually. I am going to be moving to our building next door. I won't have that great view from the 28th floor anymore. I think I'll be looking out from around the 9th or 10th floor now. My job was taken up by accounting so I'll be moving, with my new team, to the accounting department's locale. It won't be too bad - apparently it's much quicker to get in and out of their garage and it'll be quicker getting downstairs!! Also, they shut things down over there a bit earlier, so I plan on changing my hours to fit theirs, which is great for me! I am finding the silver lining, so to speak, in leaving this building. I really like it! Next door also has a gym and cafeteria, but I am told it doesn't really compare to this one. I may still take the short trip across the water to work out over here - or at least on class days...but since I get turkey sandwiches more than anything for lunch these days I'll probably give their cafeteria a try. So far I am enjoying working for my new boss, too. I figure he's in a learning/adjustment process, too. It is going to be a little sad b/c some of my coworkers I know I won't get to see as often anymore. One is actually being transferred over two of our field offices. They are close enough so that they can live where his wife, who also works here, will be able to commute into this office still. That is kind of sad b/c we have officed next door to one another for four years. Even in our old building...and then here is made a tour around this building, but ended up right back next door to me. It's like having a big brother in the office!

So, like I said, it's been busy around here...and now you know why! I was very upset about all this at first, but I am beginning to have a much more positive attitude about it!