I have a headache this morning.

Thursday, August 05, 2004
It really isn't that bad...I am hoping it goes away before noon. I always know when the weather changes if I wake up feeling like I did this morning. I guess if there are pressure changes it affects my headaches or something. LOL - I sound like one of those really old ladies that say they know a storm is coming b/c their arthritis is acting up!!!!

Michael figured out it surprise from yesterday...it was a hunting game for his playstation. I get tired of hearing him yell at those football players...I thought this would be more entertaining and quieter and I could play, too!!!! It's so life-like, it's scary! You get attacked in this one if you aren't careful and your character screams when he's getting attacked. It's like watching an intense action movie or something. There are so many animals on this one I haven't even heard of all of them. And you can hunt in Africa, too. The other one he had was just in the states, I think. And only deer.

Anyway, it's a really neat game! I need to play so that I can beat him at it! That'll never happen with the football.

I don't really know what's going on tonight, but tomorrow is going to be a busy day. At ten in the morning I am going to a new consultant class for Mary Kay until noon, then I am going to Christine's for a Kathy's Stampin' Up Party. During all this Michael is going with the guys to pick out their tuxedos for the wedding and then they are going to GRB for a Texas Trophy Hunters hunting show...I am assuming they are going to be there all day!! So tomorrow is definitely full!!!! Sunday isn't as full, but we are planning on going to shoot Sunday morning at Carter's Country!!!