I am looking over at my calendar

Monday, August 09, 2004
and it's getting full!!! This weekend was no different - it was a lot of fun, though! Friday night Michael's cousin came into town. We didn't do too much that night. Had dinner and rented a movie, though they ended up playing playstation the whole time! I watched the movie by myself the next morning while all the guys met up to pick out tuxedos for the wedding. They made it back to the house in time to bring me a drink from sonic and kid me about getting a blue tuxedo for the wedding and then I rushed off to Christine's house for Kathy's first workshop! It turned out wonderfully! Kathy had said she was nervous, but did a really great job!!! We all hung out for a while and munched on Mike's cooking and then I headed back to the apartment where I found the guys laying around the living room, TV on, and half of them asleep! They had gone to the hunting show, but I guess it wiped them out!!!

That night we headed to a sports bar where one of Michael's friends was playing bass for a band called Bucko Ruckus. They were very good and we all had such a good time that we spent all day on the couch Sunday watching movie. I didn't even cook for them...we just ordered pizza! (Jason's in college - I am sure he's used to that!)

After Jason left Michael and I washed my truck, though since we got some rain yesterday you can't really tell at all. Well, my tires still shine from this stuff he put on them, though!

Tonight I am going to a Mary Kay class...tomorrow there is a Stampin' Up Project evening here in The Woodlands, but I only have today and tomorrow to find shoes before Thursday - alterations appointment for my wedding dress - and since I can't today tomorrow is my last chance. Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know! I should have had shoes before now. It's hard to find white shoes this time of year. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and go back to David's Bridal - I really don't like that store anymore. With all the grief I had getting my bridesmaids dress order correct...sheesh!

Anyway...so that was my weekend. I hope you had a good one, too! Now it's back to work...busy, busy, busy!