Friday, August 13, 2004

Every day I check my past posts, (bottom of left-hand side bar)

and it is remarkable to see how far things have come in a year or how it's just the same! For instance, this morning I was planning to write about how wonderful this cool weather is from the this post that's exactly what I was writing about a year ago today! Does that mean I am stuck with my writing and always writing about the same thing? No...I don't think so...I just think that certain things always warrant a post ~ like wonderful weather in Houston for one! We only have a select few days of wonderful weather, so more than likely those days are going to get posted about! And yesterday and today it has been great! This morning walking the dogs it was almost cold!

Well, I just went through my emails from yesterday since I left early (alterations appointment) and now I have several things to catch up on before the I had better get on it!

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