Monday, August 30, 2004

I was out of commission yesterday,

but think I have discovered another trigger for my migraines. At least I think it's a trigger b/c it was the only different thing I had all day. Sunday evening at dinner I had a Shirley Temple - basically, just grenadine and sprite (or ginger ale if you prefer). I kinda had a mild headache, but halfway through my second one I had a full blown sick migraine which didn't quit until about 2:00 pm yesterday. I woke up feeling just as bad and didn't make it out of bed until after 1:30. was not a fun day at all! Michael took care of me when he got off work and even brought me pretty flowers, too!!!!

Today I am feeling better...still a bit groggy b/c it took forever to fall asleep last night so it was hard to wake up this morning, but I made it...I am here and now I have a lot of work to do.

So...fellow migraine sufferers, beware of grenadine!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

WooHoo!!! I finally have invites for Gmail...

if you are interested and want one let me know! First come first serve!!!

I was just talking about this to EJ and them bam out of nowhere I get one...then today more! They do like me...they really like me!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Yay - I can add more to our Wedding Site!

We had two showers this weekend and they both went really, really well! Thank you to everyone who attended and to all my wonderful hostesses!

Saturday my bridesmaids hosted on at Elaine's. Then Sunday Michael's aunts threw a shower for his side of the family, which also went really well. Michael surprised me by showing up to that one, which was a good thing b/c a lot of those gifts were the camping things that he had picked out! We're ready to face the wilderness now. Ha Ha!

Here's a picture of us with our loot!!

Now I have a ton of Thank You cards to get started on or I am going to fall way behind...but I have to work this morning!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I haven't done one of these in a while!

Here's a meme I picked up that I thought was kinda cute. Bloggers! Propagate!

Pick your birth month and cross (strike) out what doesn't apply to you.

Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized (although I try to be). Likes to point out people's mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive.Thinking generous. Good memory (not short-term). Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions (very emotional). Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.

(found at Elaine's)

I am having email problems...

so if you sent an email to> and got a failed delivery notice, please let me know. You can use instead. I really like gmail and if they get all their quirks fixed I plan to use that only anyway so might as well update your contact list now!!

I am off to a meeting. It's been a busy morning already...came in at 7 and didn't even turn my computer on...when straight down the hall to get to work on a project and have been doing that ever since. Now I have a meeting - I can tell it's going to be one of those days!

See ya!

Well, I made it here about a quarter to seven...

and I must say I think I am really going to like these hours! The traffic wasn't much lighter, except for the school zone outside the complex, but the parking garage was empty, so I had my pick of where to park ~ though today since I am in Michael's car it really doesn't matter. My garage token is in my truck so when I drive his car I just park in visitor!

I realized today that I am going to have an hour to kill after work today. Since I get off at 4:00 and the Stampin' UP workshop doesn't start till 5:00 - maybe I'll run grab a bite. Michael will be going to play softball this evening so we won't be having dinner together. I was going to leave the workshop early and go watch him play, but he said just to stay. I might leave in time to see his last game, though. I haven't decided. I'll just have to wait and see how it goes!

Well, I think I'll go get some b'fast. I have been on this milk kick lately - when before I couldn't stand to drink milk b/c it made my tummy hurt. Now I can't get enough of it. I am out at home so yesterday I didn't have I am really craving some, so I'll go hit the cafeteria before the crowds come!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I have had a headache since I woke up...

it just won't go away. I keep taking meds for it, but I haven't taken THE meds yet. I think I'll move onto that after I finish my soup. I had hoped it wouldn't be too bad and some tylenol would have taken care of it - you would think I would know better after 20 years of having headaches!

We had a good weekend...though we weren't together. Michael stayed here to go to the Hunting Extravaganza and I went to East Texas to celebrate my Grannie's 90th birthday! We actually put 90 candles on her cake! It was a blaze!!!!! All the great-grandkids gathered around to help her blow them out! I have some pictures up, but I used my SLR for most of them and haven't had the film developed/put on a CD yet. I was going to do that today during lunch, but decided to just drop them off on my way home this evening and took care of other errands instead.

I am changing my hours at work, too. Before I worked the usual eight to five, but since we have re-org'd I had changed my hours to 7:30 to 4:30 - then today I found out that we can work 7:00 to 4:00 - oh heck yeah! Michael gets off work at 3:30 and is usually home by four...this will be great b/c it'll put our hours closer together, PLUS it'll be like getting off work an hour early. I mean, not many people are hear at 7:00 so I can get a lot accomplished in that hour before it get busy around here! It'll help me out traffic-wise, too even though traffic isn't really a big issue for me at all to be honest. Now that school is back in I have been encountering some minor traffic jams outside my complex - it's right next door to a High School AND an intermediate school ~ bleh! I am sure I would appreciate that if I had kids in either, but since I don't I just irritated at all the cars and buses instead!

This headache isn't getting any better...I just took THE medicine. I think I'll try to sneak about a ten minute quiet time with my door closed and lights out. See if that helps any!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Every day I check my past posts, (bottom of left-hand side bar)

and it is remarkable to see how far things have come in a year or how it's just the same! For instance, this morning I was planning to write about how wonderful this cool weather is from the this post that's exactly what I was writing about a year ago today! Does that mean I am stuck with my writing and always writing about the same thing? No...I don't think so...I just think that certain things always warrant a post ~ like wonderful weather in Houston for one! We only have a select few days of wonderful weather, so more than likely those days are going to get posted about! And yesterday and today it has been great! This morning walking the dogs it was almost cold!

Well, I just went through my emails from yesterday since I left early (alterations appointment) and now I have several things to catch up on before the I had better get on it!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Well, they weren't like my Grannie makes,

but they were pretty good nonetheless! I am talking about the chicken and dumplings that I had for lunch (and a salad). I know there are tons of recipes out there for chicken and dumplings, but c'mon people we live in the south! They don't change that much...I have never before seen carrots or celery in chicken and dumplings! Have you? And these weren't dumplings that were rolled out and cut in strips so they would get all fat and stick to the roof your mouth ~ nope, these looked like they were pinched and made into tiny itty bitty balls, about like you make to use as a spit wad through your pen at your chemistry teacher!

I am pretty particular about my chicken and dumplings, b/c I grew up with my Grannie cooking them a certain way just for me. Hee hee...yeah, I am a little spoiled! Grannie, and mother too really, knows that I don't like chicken inside my chicken and dumplings! When I get a bowl it's just dumplings...I like the chicken to be removed before the dumplings go in the broth and served separately! I also like thick dumplings. My sisters give me grief b/c they like their chicken in the dumplings, but my argument is that it is much easier to add chicken to your bowl of dumplings than to scour around to find the chicken hidden amongst all the dumplings and pull it out! I like to taste just the dumplings!!! Their argument is the chicken needs to be in there to soak up the flavor! To please everyone, mother just makes two for everyone else and a a smaller one just for me. Grannie still makes them sans the chicken the way I like them!

Having said all that I am not complaining about what I ate today from the cafeteria downstairs...I am merely saying this is not chicken and dumplings they way they are prepared in the south. Too many other veggies taking residence in the bowl and no's just thick soup with a little spit ball every once in a while! There was a lot of chicken in the pot and big pieces. I managed to avoid all save one little piece!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I went to my first Mary Kay class last night.

I haven't been to a class for new consultants yet. This one was on Skin Care - I think I'll start the new consultant class in September. I took a friend with me and she got a a cute goodie to take home with her for helping me out! It was truly a "girlie" evening, but even so I had a lot of fun and it was great to hang out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while! The class was basically a makeover session and as consultants we got to look on while the directors I guess there was a little new consultant training in it for me, too!

I used to think that doing anything like Mary Kay was too fru-fru for me, but this past year I have found myself in Creative Memories Groups, in Stampin' UP, and now selling Mary Kay myself! I never would have guessed that! And it's all been so much fun b/c I get to spend time with my friends and help them out and get to meet new people, too. I haven't really got off and running with Mary Kay yet. I am working on it, though. It's just such a busy time since we're planning a wedding. Every weekend it seems there is something going on...but my director assures me that I can enter into it at any level and take it at my own pace...even if right now I do all my sells via my website or simply catalog orders. I do plan on having my first party ~ my Debut party, if you will ~ on August 29th (If you would like to come let me know and I'll forward you an invite)!

The parties are a lot of fun b/c you get to try out all the products first and see what you like and what you don't like and it's also a great time socially! Saturday at Kathy's Stampin' UP workshop it was as much fun to just hang out with everyone as it was to play with the stampin' stuff and it's the same way when we get together to scrapbook. I hope my own Mary Kay parties are that way once I get started and since I am not as creative as these other ladies, cosmetics are great for me b/c I use a lot of it ~ cleansing, moisturizing, protecting, fragrance and of course color!! I love to get pampered and it's nice to be able to pamper myself. I give myself pedicures a lot, too...the only things I go "out" for are manicures and massages! Hmmm...maybe I should invest in that massaging chair that Michael like so much - tell him it's a present for him that we both can benefit from! Bwahaha!! (Seriously, that doesn't sound like a bad idea - maybe after we move into a house...)

That turned out to be a girlie post, huh!?!?

Monday, August 09, 2004

I am looking over at my calendar

and it's getting full!!! This weekend was no different - it was a lot of fun, though! Friday night Michael's cousin came into town. We didn't do too much that night. Had dinner and rented a movie, though they ended up playing playstation the whole time! I watched the movie by myself the next morning while all the guys met up to pick out tuxedos for the wedding. They made it back to the house in time to bring me a drink from sonic and kid me about getting a blue tuxedo for the wedding and then I rushed off to Christine's house for Kathy's first workshop! It turned out wonderfully! Kathy had said she was nervous, but did a really great job!!! We all hung out for a while and munched on Mike's cooking and then I headed back to the apartment where I found the guys laying around the living room, TV on, and half of them asleep! They had gone to the hunting show, but I guess it wiped them out!!!

That night we headed to a sports bar where one of Michael's friends was playing bass for a band called Bucko Ruckus. They were very good and we all had such a good time that we spent all day on the couch Sunday watching movie. I didn't even cook for them...we just ordered pizza! (Jason's in college - I am sure he's used to that!)

After Jason left Michael and I washed my truck, though since we got some rain yesterday you can't really tell at all. Well, my tires still shine from this stuff he put on them, though!

Tonight I am going to a Mary Kay class...tomorrow there is a Stampin' Up Project evening here in The Woodlands, but I only have today and tomorrow to find shoes before Thursday - alterations appointment for my wedding dress - and since I can't today tomorrow is my last chance. Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know! I should have had shoes before now. It's hard to find white shoes this time of year. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and go back to David's Bridal - I really don't like that store anymore. With all the grief I had getting my bridesmaids dress order correct...sheesh! that was my weekend. I hope you had a good one, too! Now it's back to work...busy, busy, busy!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I have a headache this morning.

It really isn't that bad...I am hoping it goes away before noon. I always know when the weather changes if I wake up feeling like I did this morning. I guess if there are pressure changes it affects my headaches or something. LOL - I sound like one of those really old ladies that say they know a storm is coming b/c their arthritis is acting up!!!!

Michael figured out it surprise from was a hunting game for his playstation. I get tired of hearing him yell at those football players...I thought this would be more entertaining and quieter and I could play, too!!!! It's so life-like, it's scary! You get attacked in this one if you aren't careful and your character screams when he's getting attacked. It's like watching an intense action movie or something. There are so many animals on this one I haven't even heard of all of them. And you can hunt in Africa, too. The other one he had was just in the states, I think. And only deer.

Anyway, it's a really neat game! I need to play so that I can beat him at it! That'll never happen with the football.

I don't really know what's going on tonight, but tomorrow is going to be a busy day. At ten in the morning I am going to a new consultant class for Mary Kay until noon, then I am going to Christine's for a Kathy's Stampin' Up Party. During all this Michael is going with the guys to pick out their tuxedos for the wedding and then they are going to GRB for a Texas Trophy Hunters hunting show...I am assuming they are going to be there all day!! So tomorrow is definitely full!!!! Sunday isn't as full, but we are planning on going to shoot Sunday morning at Carter's Country!!!

I bought myself a new toy at lunch today!

I bought Michael a couple, too! (Christmas in August)

Yesterday when I was at my parent's my dad showed me his flash memory storage that my sister had given him and decided that I need one, too! 99% of my computer time is at work b/c when I get home I don't want to get in front of the computer - that's where I have been all day. So, I use this computer as if it were my personal PC, which isn't really a good thing. So...during lunch I went out and got my own...and I have since cleaned up my computer here at work!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Man, do you know how expensive pet resorts are?

I had been calling a few places and they were going to cost us around $500 for two dogs while we're on our honeymoon!!!

This morning Michael's mother sent me a link to a pet resort that is less than a mile from my apartment (doh!) I called this morning and they were really nice on the phone. The girl I talked to kept calling them "our babies"!! LOL! Anyway, they are A LOT cheaper than any other place I had found and they offer more, too. And if we get them groomed on the last day, we don't get charged another day of boarding. That's a plus!

So...I think I am going to take Michael over there tonight and check them out. I already have our name on the list b/c they were almost full for that time period. One of the remaining spaces that she put me down for is actually an indoor/outdoor kennel - so they'll have a private potty yard, plus they'll get to go out the regular three times a day to the big yard and it's no additional charge!! I think we have a winner, BUT I don't want to commit until we've had a chance to check it out personally!

Well, my dress is in

and I have an appointment for my bridal portraits!!! I have a pair of shoes, but am going to keep looking b/c they aren't the best match for my dress. I think tonight I am going to stop by David's Bridal on the way home. White shoes are so hard to find this time of year!

We have to pick up a few more items, but most everything has been purchased. I went to mother's last night and she has two big boxes filled up ~ one for the church and one for the reception! Next Thursday I am going to take off early for an alterations appointment for my dress. Since I have an appointment already for my bridal portraits they should give me a definite date to pick it up after that! I still have to figure out my hair situation. I have a friend doing my hair for me, but we haven't practiced with it yet...that's something I am going to try to do this weekend. And figure out how it's going to work the day of the wedding, too!

Opportunity for free Mary Kay Products

If you're interested in being a Virtual Hostess and receiving free products from Mary Kay please leave a comment or send me an email for information!


How would you like to host a Mary Kay Virtual Show and earn FREE products?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3. If you're interested please check out the more section for details!!!

Diet Dr. Pepper & Berries

Since I have been having sweet cravings lately (and have been giving into them) I picked up some healthy snacks when I got my lunch today that should help me out! After abs (hi-low was cancelled) I got a chicken sandwich for lunch, a diet dp, and a fruit cup - strawberries, blueberries, and dewberries! Yum-Mee! And since they are "sweet" I am hoping that this afternoon when I start to want some sugar this will satisfy that craving!! I need to keep fruit on hand at home. I have a bowl full of sliced strawberries at home right now...I sprinkled about a teaspoon of sugar (didn't have any splenda) on them and let them sit to get kinda syrupie. That was dessert last night - after chicken breast, brown rice, & steamed broccoli/cauliflower!

btw...the chicken I had for lunch today on my sandwich was lightly breaded with panko and baked. It was very good...and the bread was so crunchy you would almost think it was fried. I think I am going to look for some of this to use at home! I'll bet Michael wouldn't even know the difference!!! **wink*wink**

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Majorly slacking over here...

I am only going into the gym about three days a week and my cravings for sugar and starch are so bad that I am giving into them more and more regularly. I am eating like a 16 year old boy and it's starting to turn on me. I feel tired and sluggish, I don't have any energy, and no will power what-so-eva! I need an intervention with myself!

Today in the gym I am going to be in class...abs then hi-low. This is always a good workout and I am glad it's Wednesday b/c I believe if it wasn't a class day I might not make it to the gym at all - that's the kind of fitness mood I have been having lately...

One another, more fun note...

Michael and I made our first big purchase together! We bought a big screen that got delivered yesterday morning!! WooHoo! And Michael set up his stereo so we can listen through it. He wants to put in surround sound, but in an apartment that is rather limited so we'll have to wait until we get into a house! It's like watching a movie in the theater now. Not to mention when he plays playstation the football players bigger than ever! Hee Hee!

I know I have been quiet around here this week.

I just went through monthly close so I was pretty tied up. We have also been going through a lot of changes here in the office and there have been a lot of closed door meetings this past week.

Last Tuesday (not yesterday) we found out that our department was being dissolved. Of course the mood around here hasn't been wonderful. So far only two people I know were let go b/c of this and everyone else has landed somewhere. We're all still here, just mostly in a different capacity. For the most part my job description is going to stay the same. I'll have a much heavier workload, though and I am moving offices...buildings actually. I am going to be moving to our building next door. I won't have that great view from the 28th floor anymore. I think I'll be looking out from around the 9th or 10th floor now. My job was taken up by accounting so I'll be moving, with my new team, to the accounting department's locale. It won't be too bad - apparently it's much quicker to get in and out of their garage and it'll be quicker getting downstairs!! Also, they shut things down over there a bit earlier, so I plan on changing my hours to fit theirs, which is great for me! I am finding the silver lining, so to speak, in leaving this building. I really like it! Next door also has a gym and cafeteria, but I am told it doesn't really compare to this one. I may still take the short trip across the water to work out over here - or at least on class days...but since I get turkey sandwiches more than anything for lunch these days I'll probably give their cafeteria a try. So far I am enjoying working for my new boss, too. I figure he's in a learning/adjustment process, too. It is going to be a little sad b/c some of my coworkers I know I won't get to see as often anymore. One is actually being transferred over two of our field offices. They are close enough so that they can live where his wife, who also works here, will be able to commute into this office still. That is kind of sad b/c we have officed next door to one another for four years. Even in our old building...and then here is made a tour around this building, but ended up right back next door to me. It's like having a big brother in the office!

So, like I said, it's been busy around here...and now you know why! I was very upset about all this at first, but I am beginning to have a much more positive attitude about it!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Michael and I made a bet

That I would have all the "wedding stuff" done by September 1st! Well, we're in the homestretch now since it's August already. I have 30 days to get it all done!