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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Last night at the ball park I overheard a conversation between some spectators and one of the umps.

Her: Man you're looking much weight have you lost.
Ump: 48 pounds so far.
Me: (in my head) How'd he do that???
Her: How did you do that?
Ump: Lots of chicken and lettuce.

Today in the break room I was talking to one of my coworkers.

Me: Wow, you've lost a lot of weight. How much so far.
Her: 16 pounds so far. I have 4 to go.
Me: How are you doing that?
Her: Lots of salads and chicken - and tuna, too!

They make it sound oh so simple!! Is it just me that has a hard time doing something so simple.

Class (abs and hi/low) was cancelled yesterday so I decided to use that as my day off and run errands. Today, when I should have been working out, I was sitting here at my desk suffering of severe fatigue and cranial pains ~ I'M SLEEPY AND I HAVE A HEADACHE! And apparently I am cranky, too. I hadn't realized that before I wrote it, though! Dreary weather can do that, but I shouldn't have let it make me miss my lunchtime workout! Tonight I'll have to make up for it and go walking - we have a track around the lake pond at the apartment. Maybe I'll even drag Michael around it with me!