Seems yesterday I made a promise that I couldn't keep.

Thursday, July 15, 2004
I didn't get back to make that post after working out yesterday. I had a lot of work yesterday afternoon and people in and out of my office and the phone kept ringing on top of that!!!

So...I'm a few hours late on that promised post, but better late than never, huh?

I have made of 50% of the offshore division this week...everyone is out on vacation. And tomorrow I'll be 100% of the division as the last one is leaving for his vacation!!! Shouldn't be too bad, though. That's when I actually get more work done to be honest, b/c no one bothers me!!

The weekends are getting full! I won a free makeover for me and my bridesmaids - so that's one weekend, then we have a sweet sixteen party, there are showers planned, my Grannie's 90th b'day, a family clay shoot, and a first b'day party! Man...there are a lot of b'days coming up. I didn't realize that until I wrote it all out! Nope...I am not complaining, being so busy mean you have lots of friends and family around you!

This weekend we're going to see Cory Morrow at the race track, then I have a Crop Party to go to on Saturday, after Elaine and I go to my mother's to see about hemming her dress for the wedding that morning! Saturday is going to be full! When we go over Saturday morning, though I am going to take pictures of everything mother has made for the wedding (flowers, veil, purse, pillows, etc...) to post and share! I'll put their links up at our wedding site! Tonight we're going to the church to meet with the music director. We still have one more meeting with the deacon then one with our coordinator! Things are starting to get finalized!!! Yay!