Same ole' story...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
I am doing real good during the week on my points, but the weekends are another story. I am not eating twice my points or anything...I am just going over my maximum during the weekends. I hope my workouts are offsetting that some! Yesterday I had a really good lower body workout and today I had a great abs/cardio/overall-strength-training workout! Wednesdays are my hardest days in the gym and take me the longest to get back up to my office!!

I have noticed that I have been retaining a lot of water lately, i.e. my rings are tight on my fingers at times. I think I have discovered the root of this. We bought a watermelon last week and have been eating on it and I like salt on my watermelon. Bad, bad, bad...I know, but it tastes so good that way! Anyway, tonight I am still going to have my watermelon...sans the salt, or at least with only a little salt on it! I have drank more water today hoping that will help me out some, too. I haven't been drinking my water like I should, but after a good workout I usually head straight to the cafeteria and fill up a big 32 ounce cup with ice water! So I get at least that much a day - though I know that isn't nearly enough!

The trainer in class today told me she could tell that my strength was increasing. Even though I can't really tell yet, it made me feel great that she said that! I have to say that I can tell certain exercises are getting easier and I am really seeing a lot more definition in my arms and legs. That may be part of the reason that I have hit a plateau as far as actually dropping pounds ~ muscle isn't light! My intention really isn't to build muscle, I just want to tone up what I have. I don't have a small frame at all - I am actually built more like my father when it comes to muscles and body frame. It would actually be very easy for me to go into body building!!! Ha Ha...if only THAT were the body I was striving for! I could attain that goal no problem! But since I want to be slimmer instead of broader it isn't that easy! So...needless to say in order to burn more fat I am doing strength training - again, mainly for toning purposes.

I was really beginning to gain a lot more confidence about the way I looked in shorts. I usually don't like to wear them at all, but since I have been working my legs I haven't felt uncomfortable going out in my shorts. THEN...I saw some pictures of me that Michael took when I was wearing shorts...they didn't look as good as I was seeing them in my own eyes, but you know what, they didn't look bad either! I have been taking a few pictures along the way and when I feel really comfortable with them (I hate to see myself in pictures) then I'll post them! My arms are showing a lot of definition, too...but my legs were the real target area that I wanted to work on.