Sunday, July 18, 2004

Michael and I did some grooming on Sunday!

He needed a haircut and there is a place next door that gives wonderful I decided to treat myself while he was getting his hair cut! What do you think??

My little piggies!

(There are a couple more pics here, too!)

We had a good weekend...kinda low key. I went to my parents' Saturday morning with Elaine, despite fighting a bad sick migraine. It was a lot better by noon. We visited and had lunch and mother measured Elaine's dress for the weddign to be hemmed. Afterwards, we had a crop party - scrapbooking - until around five and then came back to my place for a bit. That night Michael and I had dinner and went bowling with his brother and girlfriend. Sunday we visited with his parents all day and had dinner with them! It was a nice quiet weekend...I like those!

Everyone is back in the office this I no longer all alone! Of course, it really wasn't that bad last week. To be honest, even though I was swamped, I rather enjoyed it! This week I have to play a little bit of catch-up, though since I didn't get to a lot of things while everyone else was out.

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