Lunch conversations...or the lack of!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

{Nail salon}
Me: "How long is the wait?"
Her: "There's no wait...take a seat right there..."

la de da

Me: "I need a fill and a repair...I want clear tip with pink powder, solar nails"
Him: "Okay, this one need come off..."
Me: "NO, just fill it. It's fine. Y'all filled this last time and every time I come in here you try to make me take them all off and get a new set. Just do what I want...Please!"

{silence - 30 minutes of staring at the huge zit right on the top of his nose. 'Couldn't he see that in the mirror when he washed his hands? Why doesn't he take care of that?' Just stare at the TV.}

Me: "I want you to use that skinny file tool and make sure they are filed underneath."
Him: "No, I can't do that. Too short."

{He grabs the skinny file when he's done and proceeds to do exactly what I asked. WTH?}

Driving to Skewers to get some yummy grape leaves, but instead of Skewers I find Dimassi's.

Me: "Oh, y'all have changed."
Him: "Yes, please come see...To Go? you go!"

{Oh...look at all the choices! OH, those are great, but no, I'll be disappointed b/c my mother's are always better! Skip that...get those instead! And some bread...ah, they are still hot!}

Him: "So, is this your first time to eat this food?"
Me: "Oh, no...I grew up eating this. My father is Egyptian."
Him: "Oh really!?! My mother is Egyptian..."

My family is from...and we have a house...and it's so nice to meet you. Thanks same here...come again...thanks I will...