Last night Michael and I

Thursday, July 29, 2004
went to my mother's to have dinner with her. I use her mailing address for big shipments b/c my apartment has quit accepting packages and yesterday, by coincidence my Mary Kay starter kit had arrived. So after we ate I opened it all up to play with all the goodies and read all the literature! It was so much fun...and strange b/c I never considered myself high-maintenance or "girlie", but I guess to some degree I am b/c I have a lot of fun with makeup & scrapbooks! Though, I hate to shop for clothes, I love to shop for shoes or bags/purses!!! LOL!

While we were there we watched Studio 7 - I had never even heard of it. We had it on the WB b/c we wanted to watch Blue Collar TV and it came on later. It was an interesting show...kind of a mix of The Weakest Link, Survivor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and The Real World all rolled into one! We might have to watch it more b/c we're going to start watching Blue Collar TV and S7 comes on afterwards (after Reba, I think)!!

Tonight we're going to the race track to bet a bit and to go see Roger Creager. Elaine and hubby and a couple other friends are going to join us out there tonight. Yay! Been asking for a while and they finally are going to come out! Can't wait to see you guys! Then tomorrow Michael is going with his dad and brother out to the deer lease for the weekend. I am going to be helping my sister out with her son's b'day party (sweet 16) and running around with mother taking care of some wedding details! It's gonna be a non-stop weekend!!!