Just for the record,

Monday, July 05, 2004
these work great!! I got one this weekend - I HATE toilet bowl brushes. I think they are nasty ~ just homes for gross stuff! No, I didn't spend all weekend cleaning, but I did do a lot of it! My house is all sparkly!

Friday night we went out to see Spiderman 2 - very good! I liked it better than the first. Saturday morning was when I did most of the cleaning then. That afternoon Michael and I headed down to Clear Lake to see some friends. We spent some time at the pool, then had dinner, then headed back to the pool/hot tub until pretty early into the morning. It was way too late to drive home, so we decided to wait until Sunday morning. When we got back home we piddled for a while doing some stuff around the house and decided to head down to Texas City to the dike and go crabbing! I hadn't been since I was very little! We really had a great time. We only caught about 8, but there are already plans in the air for another trip!

Afterwards the plan was to drive to Galveston, have dinner, and watch the fireworks, but when we arrived and saw how many people there were and couldn't find a parking spot anywhere...we just decided to drive back to Houston! On the way we saw a lot of fireworks going off up and down 45 and finally Michael pulled over into a parking lot to watch a big show that was going on. It was really nice, but we never knew who put it on. A school or town or what??? It was nice not to know in the end - just an annonymous show for us!!

We boiled the crabs on Monday and made stuffed crabs and crab cakes. I had some crawfish in the freezer from the last time I boiled crawfish, so I mixed that in with the crabmeat, too. I have pictures, but haven't posted them yet. They were delicious ~ although they took forever to clean!!! I have decided that's why they are so expensive, b/c it takes such a long time to get the meat out of the shells! It was worth it, though.

The weekend was really relaxing. The drives were long enough that we felt like we went somewhere out of town for the weekend, but short enough that we weren't exhausted from all the driving! I feel good this morning...not worn out at all from the holiday! The family all went up to the country for the weekend and we thought about going, but it seems every weekend there is something going on and since it's getting closer and closer to the wedding many of our free weekends are going to be tied up. So, we thought just staying in Houston and doing our own thing would be a nice way to spend a three day weekend. And it really was!

I hope you really enjoyed your weekend, too!